Interesting Ideas for Transforming Your Hallway

Do you have a hallway that is just a space for coats and boots? A place where you can’t do anything but walk through to get somewhere else? You’re not alone. The hallway is an important part of the home. It serves as a transition from one room to another, and it can even be used as an extra space for storage or work. The way your hallway looks may not seem like that big of a deal, but it can influence how you feel towards your home and yourself when you walk through it every day. Here are amazing ideas for transforming your hallway! 


Lay a Textured Rug

Hallways are often ignored. But it’s stylizing as important as other areas of the home. You can make your hallway feel more welcoming by laying down a textured area rug for people to walk on as they enter and exit doors or use it to define space in an otherwise small area. Go for a colorful and fun rug that will make your hallway look more cheery. 

Install a Focal Point

Putting something eye-catching in the center of your hallways is an easy way to liven up this often neglected space. A large mirror, for example, could be hung on one wall or placed at the end of the hallway so that it’s the first thing a person sees when they enter. Or hang up an ornamental mirror that will give the space more depth and character as it reflects light around the room. 

Install Track Lighting

Another way to make your hallway look brighter is by installing track lighting near either side of it, which will create shadows on one wall while illuminating another. This is also a cost-effective way to make the hallway look sophisticated and expansive. 

Shelving Units

Shelving units and other types of storage can make your hallway feel less cluttered. An open shelving unit or a cabinet with glass doors will add function and style to the area. Don’t forget that you’ll need some flooring if you plan on adding shelving! Hallways are perfect for shelving units that store things like coats and boots, so you don’t have to walk into your house with wet shoes. 

Install a Mirror

Mirrors are great at bouncing light around and making space seem brighter than it is. If you’re not sure where to put one, try installing it in between two windows or near an overhead light that will reflect off of it. Add plants nearby for even more decorative appeal! Hang decorative mirror wall stickers to add cheer to your otherwise bare corridors and hallways. 

Decorate Hallway walls

You can buy pre-made wallpaper for your hallway, or you can paint it a bright color that will add some excitement to space. If you are daring enough, try putting up an accent wall in a contrasting yet complementary hue. Install mirrors on either side of your hallway entrance and make sure they’re large so everyone gets their full reflection! As you walk into the hallway, see yourself in a new light and feel your spirits lifted. Hang up framed pictures and paintings on the wall. For a more artistic look, hang a vintage wool rug tapestry on the wall for a splash of color or pattern. 

Plan the Color Theme

Every room has a color theme, and so should your hallway. Why not use the same colors as you have in each of your bedrooms? A soft, soothing lavender for a one-bedroom will look beautiful in a bright green or yellow hallway. Do some design research to see which colors would work well with each other. 

Put Flowers and Plants

No one can ever say no to flowers and plants. They bring life back into a space that might be feeling dull or lifeless. Fill vases with your favorite seasonal blooms, then place them on the shelves positioned next to the door of each room for an eye-catching touch! 

Place a Vintage Style Box

Maybe you don’t have a lot of space, but that doesn’t mean your hallway can’t be styled! Use an old trunk or basket and decorate it with trinkets from stores. Arrange them on the shelves next to each bedroom door for an eclectic touch that is personal to you. 

Put a Runner Down

Adding a runner to the floor can instantly transform your hallway. Choose an interesting pattern and colors, then place it down in front of each door, so you always have something eye-catching to look at as soon as you enter! Add vivid patterns on flatweaves to your hallway for a vibrant vibe. 

Add some Handcrafted Decorations

If you want to make your hallway something special, adding some handcrafted art pieces is a great idea. String up some lace from the ceiling. Hang an interesting painting in front of each bedroom door for a look that’s all about you! For those who want their hallways customized with handcrafted accessories, then be sure to check out the DIY tutorials for different ideas. 

Add a String of Lights

For some extra lighting, add a string of lights in your hallway! The best thing about these lights is that they can create the perfect atmosphere without you even having to spend an enormous amount on expensive lamps or overhead fixtures. With this simple upgrade, all your guests will be able to see your beautiful home. 

Add a Mirror Frame and Paint

An easy way to make any hallway look more modern or classic, depending on what design you’re going for, is by painting the walls with one color and adding frames around mirrors. This can also help open up space in small hallways! You can choose a variety of shapes or even place the same framed mirrors in different locations. 

Sum Up

 We hope you enjoyed our blog about transforming your hallway and have a few ideas for how to make it better! If you don’t know where to start, we recommend checking out RugKnots. They offer a wide selection of rugs that will fit any budget or style preference. From modern designs with bold colors to more traditional patterns in muted tones, there is something for everyone on their site. Now get shopping because the perfect rug awaits you!

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