Most Popular Cat Breeds In The World

popular cat breeds

It is a difficult choice for cat lovers to decide what cat they should choose. Cats can be of different kinds. They can be domestic, hybrid, or purebred cats. Purebred cats have a lineage history, whereas domestic cats don’t. Hybrids are crossed with wild felines with domestic cats.

There are certain breeds that are famous all over the world. It can be because of their physical characteristics, affectionate personalities, or because they got featured in a movie.

Let’s take a look at the most popular cat breeds.

1. Siamese Cats: Siamese cats have their origin in Thailand. They are a breed of domestic cats that have been popular since the 19th century. They have markings on their body called points where their colors are distinctive.  An animated Disney movie, “Lady and the Tramp,” featured them singing a song and portrayed their vocal skills and intelligence.

2. Persian Cats: They are sometimes referred to as “smushed-face cats” out of love. They are a breed of long-haired cats with shortened muscles and round faces. They are docile and calm and are a perfect fit for house cats. Their thick coat requires grooming on a regular basis. In general, they are a healthy breed, but some can be prone to genetic diseases.

3. Maine Coon: This is a domestic cat breed with a comparatively large structure. They have a shaggy coats and a bushy tail. They can be friendly with people, but they are mostly used for hunting. They are not very high maintenance but need regular grooming to keep them in good condition.

4. Ragdoll Cats: This is a domestic cat breed known for its docile nature and large size. They have silky long coats and blue eyes. They are popular for their nature. They are playful and affectionate and follow their owner around to crave attention. They are a good choice for families with children.

5. Bengal Cats: They are a breed of domestic cats that are made by crossing Asian leopard cats and domestic cats. They are primarily known for their exotic looks, with spotted coats. They are a very intelligent breed and can be trained for doing various things. They are also very playful in nature.

6. Abyssinian Cats: This breed has its origin in Ethiopia. These orange cats have a distinctive orange agouti coat that provides the breed with their own branded look. They are curious and active by nature and follow their owner around the house often. Their wedge-shaped [ped head with pointy tall ears gives a majestic appearance.

7. Birman Cats: They are also color-pointed cats like the ragdoll and Siamese. They have medium-long coats and blue eyes. They are social cats who crave a lot of attention and are very much fun to be around. They are mostly one-person cats. They were originally chosen for breeding ragdolls.

8. Oriental Shorthair: At a glimpse, it may seem like this breed resembles a Siamese, but the Oriental Shorthair is a different breed. They generally have green eyes with many color patterns along with colors. They can, too, have a long coat. Oriental shorthair breed is likely to get skin cancer. They often get cold because of their lack of coats and are seen wearing sweaters.

9. Sphynx Cat: This cat is the best option for owners who are allergic and looking for a cat that does not shed. They have a unique appearance because of their no-fur look. They are very social and active. They have a playful nature and act goofy in spite of their regal appearance.

10. Devon Rex: These cats have wavy ad short soft hairs with slander bodies and enormous ears. They are very active and playful and are often called “monkey in a catsuit.” these cats will make you fall in love with them by their sweet and lively nature. They can also be trained for teaching tricks.

11. Himalayan Cats: These cats are considered a separate breed in some places and a sub-breed in other places. For getting the color, they are crossed with Persians and Siamese. They like to get the attention and love from their parents and have playful personalities.

12. American Shorthair: This American breed is shorthaired, intelligent feline with short ears and a round face. They are often confused as mix-breed cats, but they are not. This is a purebred cat with gentle nature that makes it suitable for families with children.

13. British Shorthair: This breed was once known as British Blue, as it came in that one color only. They look more on the grey side than blue. These grey cats are playful but self-sufficient. They don’t crave a lot of attention but are very devoted to their family members. They don’t just come in the color grey but in various other shades.


There is a diverse group of cats with short-haired, long-haired breeds, and there are cats with different kinds of personalities. These majestic creatures have captured the hearts of many feline lovers with their beauty, personalities, and, most importantly, their innocence.