Find Out More About the Pinoyflix Squid Game!

You?ve heard about the Pinoyflix Squid Game, but you might not be sure what it?s all about. With the game being so new and exciting, many people have questions about how to play and whether or not it?s safe to play it with real money! We?re here to answer those questions for you with this guide on the Game, along with some tips on how to win big!

What is PinoyFlix squid game and its values?

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The Rules

This game has different rules from other pinoyflix tv replay games. Here are some of them 1) You can only use a squid that is not in your team. 2) You can only use a squid that is in your opponent’s team but not yours. 3) If you have a player with 4 or more goals, you cannot use him/her for that round. 4) The person who is leading will get to choose who goes first. 5) The person who chooses first gets to choose which squid he/she wants to play as, and then after that, it’s just like regular pinoyflix tv games: you’ll be able to pick any squid from either team at any time during gameplay.

How Does a Round Work?

Round 1 is based on Location and in order to qualify, you must watch a show from that location. For example, if you watch Gotham which takes place in New York, you will be qualified for Round 1. If not you must wait until all shows from previous rounds have completed before participating again. Also, we encourage viewers to participate by playing along with us on social media, by using our #pinayflex in your posts or by commenting on videos with #pinayflex to try and win prizes such as Patreon rewards and more! We hope you guys can join us at 9:00am PH time on March 3rd 2018 to be a part of this historic moment as PinoyFlix squid game plays alongside non-Filipino players in squid game episode. How do I participate?

Meet The Cast

The game is hosted by Erwin Tulfo, a renowned Filipino journalist and television personality known for his aggressive interviewing style. This year?s prizes include: 1st Place ? Php50 million in cash, 2nd Place ? Php20 million in cash, 3rd Place ? Php10 million in cash, and 4th place gets nothing. There are also special prizes including random side games with additional prizes to be announced later.

Flip Your Way to Fame and Fortune

Think you have what it takes to flip your way to fame and fortune? Use your squid skills to out-flip other players, but watch out for sea sponges, barrels and jetsam as you race to grow your fan base. Find hundreds of rewards along your journey, including money and pinay flex subscriptions. Discover all new ways to dress up in outrageous clothes, including dresses and accessories. Join thousands of players around the world in having fun while playing pinoyflix’s newest game show game on web TV.

Pinay Flix Squid Game Information You Need to Know

The game is a weekly episode of PinoyFlix TV in which one of a dozen Filipino contestants play a fun, three-round squid game. The contestant that wins rounds 1 and 2 moves on to round 3 where they can win up to 500 tokens if they answer 10 questions correctly. If they answer only 4 questions correctly, then they get 200 tokens. For example, if you make it through round 2 and answer 5 out of 10 questions correctly for a total of 400 points, you will receive 200 free pinoyflix squid tokens when you cash them in. You must wager at least 100 tokens per question in order to play each round.

Reviews about PinoyFlix squid game

Pinay Flix Squid Game is an incredible, immersive adventure that defies classification. I loved every aspect of it, and I can?t wait to play again. The story has a huge twist that left me speechless at the end, and made me rethink my opinion of characters who may not have been what they seemed. All told, Pinay flex left me emotionally drained but satisfied in a way few games have managed to do. In addition to its incredible story and graphics, there are tons of puzzles that challenge you as a player as well as your mind: even after beating it twice now (once blind), I?m still finding new things I missed when playing through for real.Click Here for additional attention-grabbing topics!