Importance of birth Star Matching in Kundali Matching for Marriages

Kundali Matching

Birth Star matching or nakshatra porutham holds a prominent place in Hindu rituals, especially marriage. Kundali matching is a prerequisite for a marriage alliance because it defines compatibility between two individuals. 

Janam Kundli signifies the compatibility ratio between two partners, the better the match, the deeper will be the intimacy of the couple in their marriage.

Here?s a table that depicts the stars and their significance in kundali matching for marriage.

Sr no. Nakshatra Porutham (Constellation) Significance 
1 Gana Listed in 3 categories to define temperamental level of a couple : Dev (Divine), Manusha (Human), Rakshasa (demon) 
2 Mahendra Defines happiness and progeny between the couple
3 Sthree Dhirga Signifies the wealth and prosperity factors 
4 Yoni Shows sexual compatibility
5 Rasi Moon sign is taken into consideration and defines the overall compatibility of the couple
6 Rasi Adhipathi Adhipati is the Lord of the given Rashi and it defines the finest kinship between bride, groom and families. Know your rashi Rashifal to today hidden aspects
7 Rajju This is the most important star and it defines longevity and life span of male partner. 
8 Naadi This is pulses of the star match and it signifies physiological constitution and compatibility
9 Vasiya It indicate the mutual attraction between two individuals
10 Vedha It defines the Houses that are harmful and are ward of pitfalls and evils

Now, let’s find out why star matching is essential in kundalis for Hindu weddings.

Importance Of Janam Kundali Matching

  • Health: It is not incorrect to say that, ?health is wealth?. When there is prosperity and wealth, but there is no health to enjoy, then the former things become null and void. So star matching meticulously analyses the position of constellations to define how well both partners can enjoy a healthy life. 
  • Future: Who doesn’t like to know about their future? When two partners have to make a solemn promise, focus on the future is inevitable. 
  • Will the two individuals be compatible with a lifelong relationship? What will be the overall future of the bride and groom? Such questions can be answered by nakshatra porutham. 
  • Mutual understanding: Mutual understanding is the foundation of any relationship, star matching defines the compatibility between the bride and groom independently by considering the position and placement of planets.
  • Longevity: If the horoscope of both the partners fails to match the longevity, then what happens? Can they lead a happy life? 
  • The answer to the above questions is certainly no. Star matching also holds a prominent place to define the continuity of the kinship. It independently analyzes the longevity of both mates and considers the placements of Saturn and Jupiter in detail.
  • Wealth: Wealth is one of the most important factors to be considered when two souls are combining. Earnings and their sharing is analyzed for each partner to scrutiny if the duo can create wealth for their life. 
  • Children: Progeny is another very essential factor for couples. Yoni koota comes into a picture that defines sexual compatibility and about their descendants by taking into account the position of Mars and Jupiter. 

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Furthermore, you can fill the details in the below kundali matching for marriage calculator to check the compatibility ratio.

Enter Boy?s Details                                    Enter Girl?s Details
Date of Birth – MM ___ DD___ YY___ Date of Birth  – MM ___ DD___ YY___
Time of Birth – Hrs ___ Min___ Sec___ Time of Birth – Hrs ___ Min___ Sec___
Place of Birth –  ______________ Place of Birth – _______________
Submit – ___________ Reset – ___________

So check kundali matching for marriage online for free by adding details in the above table and secure from the perils of planetary positions.?


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