How to Host a Memorable Backyard Music Party

Backyard Music Party

A party comes to life only if it has been chummed with fantastic music. Learn how to celebrate with friends and family over some lovely tunes by hosting a music-themed celebration. Housing a concert in your backyard isn?t as difficult as it seems. All you need is proper planning, and then you can relax as you wait to enjoy the event. Here is what you should do when hosting a music-themed garden event. 

1. Pick A Music Theme For The Party

Before embarking on the planning process, identify a subject for your party. Although it?s all about singing and dancing, it?s a good idea to settle for one genre. That way, you will plan the decorations, music, and food in the chosen direction. Party theme ideas are limited to your imagination and preference because there are dozens of options. If you don?t want to select a particular genre, you can make a party about all kinds of music. Picking a color to complement your theme is an excellent way of rolling out the plan.

2. Have A Guest List

If you have ever entertained a surprise party, you understand the importance of knowing how many guests you expect. Otherwise, you might find yourself frantically running around the location looking for a spare chair or plate for the extra person you didn?t think would come. If you are busy searching for things, where will you find the time to enjoy the party? To avoid this bustle, send out invitation messages and request the attendees to RSVP.

3. Choose Music That the Guests Will Love

When it comes to selecting a perfect playlist for a backyard party, many factors come to play. Firstly, what is your theme? If you settled for a particular genre, the majority of the songs should be from it. Consider the music you like and what your guests enjoy. If you play tracks from the 80s all evening, you might lose some friends. Also, you can?t play modern music all along. It would be ideal if you had a perfect mix for an eventful time. Remember to be considered to your neighbors by not playing the same song repeatedly.

4. Arrange For Bonfire

Your party will be exceptional if you build a campfire. Not only will it make the place look calm and lit, but you can also roast some fast foods over the fire. While you can buy any wood for the bonfire, Smoak firewood is ideal, especially if you want to cook. Smoak produces wood of high quality that gives a clean burn, is pest free, and can be used to cook anything.  Most wood logs from Smoak have a smoke, which would add a friendly ?vibe? to your evening party. Besides firewood, remember to buy fuel, bricks, kindling, and tinder.

5. Light It Right

Please don?t leave your guests wondering what they have stepped on because of poor lighting. All you need is sufficient lighting, and everything will be okay. Look for strings and hang lights on the fence, tree branches, or even on the deck. You can play around with the views by adding some tea lights and lanterns. Elegant round bulbs give the place a warm glow, which is what you need now. If you have to run cords across the yard, remember to clamp them onto the ground using U-shaped pegs. You may then bend them over the wires and then hammer them into the ground. It will not only leave your party looking classy, but it will also ensure the safety of the attendees?

6. Keep Pests at Bay

The least favorite thing about garden parties is figuring out whether to enjoy the music or to fight bugs. Wasps, mosquitoes, and ticks can effortlessly chase guests away or make them uneasy. A few days before hosting the party, go around the yard and look out for things you should attend to. Please get rid of stagnant water because it serves as a breeding place for mosquitoes. During the D-day, buy citronella candles and burn them in the yard a while before the guests arrive. You can also purchase anti-bug body creams.

7. Prepare Adequate Food

Strike casual conversations with your potential guests to find out what foods they like. Since most of the evening you will be dancing around the yard, a sit-down meal isn?t ideal. Go for things like takeaways or fast foods. If you decide to cook, go for fresh and light ingredients. Stay away from dense carbohydrates and spicy foods. Besides, you don?t want your attendees to have a stomach ache after leaving the venue. Find out if the guests have allergies or are food-specific, such as vegans.

8. Create a Fun Beverage

If you are entertaining on a budget, you might not afford to have a full bar with juice, soda, and beer. The best way out is to find a signature drink such as a spiked juice. Pour the drinks in a classy beverage dispenser, coolers, or fun pitchers. Add fresh herbs like fresh fruits, herbs, or lemon. Use plastic ware to avoid broken glasses and the hustle of cleaning afterward.

9.  Consider the Decorations

Set the scene for the garden music party with the right outdoor d?cor. Ensure you coordinate the colors with the party?s theme and dress code (if you have one). Dark colors match such ceremonies. For instance, go for dark orange, navy blues, green, and umber. Make it casual by placing pillows, rugs, and blankets on the ground where the guests can sit.


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