Which Nakshatra Is Good For Birth?

Janam Nakshatra

Janma nakshatra holds the celestial secret of your fate. They play a very significant role in one’s life. Do you know how Astrologers give you your name? They derive it based on particular Nakshatra at the time of your birth.

Moreover, by your name and time of birth, astrologers give you your Janam kundali predictions. Which further acts as a blueprint of your life. What is Nakshatra, and why is Nakshatra so essential? Let’s dig deep into these heavenly bodies.

What is Nakshatra?

Vedic astrology elaborately describes the significance of Nakshatras. Our sages distributed various zodiac signs into 27 distinct Nakshatras (lunar constellations). As per their calculation, each constellation covers 13 degrees and 20 minutes. 

Astrologers start calculations of Nakshatra with the Ashwini Nakshatra -0 degrees of Aries, and they end it on 30 degrees of Pisces represented by Revati Nakshatra. Abhijit is considered as 28th Nakshatra. 

Nakshatra is decisive in Vedic astrology. The Vimshottari Dasha, a 120-year-long planetary cycle, is calculated with birth Nakshatra. Now let’s understand Janma Nakshatra.

What is Janma Nakshatra?

Vedic Astrology gives a profound priority to the Moon. It travels across one Nakshatra in a day. Your Janam Nakshatra is a nakshatra in which your Moon is placed at the time of your birth.

There are specific Janma nakshatras, which are very promising for birth. Each Nakshatra is distributed in four segments called Padas. Nakshatras also describe the properties of the planets located in them. 

These Nakshatras are grouped under the three sources – Deva (the divine), Nara ( the human), Rakshasa ( the demon). They are further partitioned by their gender and Varna (cast). Also, they possess distinct qualities such as leading deity, advantages, a specific symbol, ruling body parts, planets, and color, etc.

Significance of Janam Nakshatra

Janam Nakshatra

Your Birth star-Nakshatra is the unique celestial property that determines your fate along with other Janam kundali predictions. Consider the below mentioned quick facts of Constellations. 

  • An essential nakshatra of your Janam kundali is your Moon nakshatra. 
  • An idol-deity governs each nakshatra. Also, there is a symbol and a ruling planet. These agents help to illustrate further what nakshatra may offer us and how it will affect us.
  • It mirrors your intelligence, wisdom, and sensitive self. The idol of that nakshatra will reveal the essence of your thinking, and your emotional processing, Symbol, and the planetary rulership represents your potential 
  • Constellations show the direction of universal life flow. It is believed that each Nakshatra is pranik(Universal life force) in nature.
  • It helps to know how and by which ways we can manifest our desires in order to lead a successful life.
  •  They are as natural forces mirroring our mental, emotional, energetic tendencies.or as astronomical ideals that guide us
  • Indians for years have been considering these Nakshatras to determine various auspicious dates and Muhurtha to perform religious and cultural activities. 
  • Nakshatras and their respective Padas are very prominent in predictive astrology. Reading them carefully along with the Janam kundali predictions helps to know how Karma will manifest in one’s life.

As we already saw, there are a total of twenty-seven Nakshatras. A few of them are said to be auspicious Nakshatra for birth, Knowing a few fundamental yet essential Nakshatras will be fun.

1. Ashwini

Symbol-horse’s head

Deity-Ashwini Kumaras who perform medical wonders

Stars- El Sharatan, the point of the Ram.

Key Qualities-

  • These will be the qualities if a person’s birth star is Ashwini.
  • Such people will be explorers, adventurers, and always ready to try something new. 
  • They are genuine, strong-minded, and stubborn people.
  • Ashwini governs all kinds of transport and fast travel. They are probably known for travel lovers

2. Bharani

Symbol-Yoni (the female reproductive organ)


Stars-A binary star in the left foot of Andromeda

Key Qualities-

  • There is a tendency of envy or being disturbed by the jealousy of others in these people.
  • Natives should not be confused between auspicious or inauspicious time. After the age of 33, he will see an assertive change in his conditions.
  • The person born in this Nakshatra will enjoy good health and a decisive mind.

3. Kritika

Symbol -a knife, or a razor


Stars-The Pleiades

Key Qualities-

  • These natives are very sharp and intelligent. Usually, they settle overseas or far from home to work 
  • They will protect their ego and freedom in any given situation.
  • They are stubborn, aggressive, and powerful. But they know how to channel their aggression into being more productive

4. Rohini

Symbol-The cart or a chariot, temple and a Banyan tree

Deity-Brahma, or Prajapati

Stars- There are five stars of the head of the Bull (the Hyades). 

Key Qualities-

  • Rohini as Janma nakshatra for birth is considered to be more divine and very lucky
  • These native are very close to their mother; they may represent more nurturing and caring qualities
  • People born under this nakshatra are well aware of their intuitive side. They are spiritual and have high goals in life

5. Mrigashira

Symbol- The Deer’s head 

Deity- The Moon-god

Stars- Orion, a group of three stars that draw the head of the shooter in the sky. 

Key Qualities-

  • These natives are very emotional and are in touch with their sensitive side more intensely
  • Natives born with this constellation may have a strong determination to achieve something big in their life
  • Generally, they are blessed with good health, supportive family and long, happy life

The concluding Notes

Which is your Birth star? You can easily find your nakshatra from the birth star calculator. Nakshatra defines your characteristics and approach towards life. The symbol, deity, and ruling planet -all together shape up your personality.

Get your Janam Kundali predictions and check what various houses and planets are predicting about you. Do not miss to take the help of these celestial bodies. Decode the illuminating heavenly designs of these constellations and know what your Janam Nakshatra is predicting about you!

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