Kick start your career with cloud pentesting on AWS

Cloud Pentesting on AWS

Do you know AWS (Amazon Web Services) offers 90 different cloud hosting services? Well AWS has 1 million active users in 190 countries as it offers a wide range of services and solutions to companies across the world. Note that AWS has its own manual as well as automated security controls for apps, its solutions can assist them in tackling the problems to prevent their digital assets from cybercriminals.

Cloud Pentesting on AWS

Cloud Pentesting on AWS is an authorized cyber threat against any organization?s or individual?s system that is hosted on the Amazon cloud. The main objective to explore the online cloud pentesting on AWS course is to find the vulnerabilities and strengths of the system so that the maintenance process can be easily assessed.

As you can see the cyber attacks are on the rise that could exploit the internal system there?s a necessity to know the benefits of enrolling yourself in a particular course:

  • Gain better pay: Gaining the knowledge in AWS course, receives good income that boosts the pay. If you?re wondering about the bright certification then AWS certification will provide you confidence.
  • Bright future: We?re talking about something that will reap more career opportunities as companies are investing in a high solution, it?s the best time to get trained to secure the future.
  • A positive impact on a resume: This certification can add some positivity to the resume as most industries prefer employees with AWS certifications.
  • Includes future development: Cloud computing technology is attaining a standard role in building proper challenges in recent business sectors.
  • Benefits for freelancers and employers: This certification is really helpful that?ll drive more business opportunities towards shifting the cloud. A person must undergo a well-planned field for more opportunities.

Who is a Cloud service provider (CSP)

A party or an object that makes cloud services accessible is CSP that focuses on several essential activities to offer a cloud service and to ensure its delivery to the customer. AWS is responsible for protecting the infrastructure that runs all the services, infrastructure is composed of the hardware, software, networking, and facilities that include the components from the host operating systems.

Undoubtedly, health and medical data are always considered to be the most confidential ones, a penetration testing is an evaluation of the security to exploit vulnerabilities.

Each phase of pentesting builds on the results whose order cannot be changed, ultimately methodologies are also considered in a cyclic procedure such as Reconnaissance, Scanning,  Exploitation, and Post-exploitation. Penetration testing works differently in the traditional ecosystem.

Why Amazon AWS is unique in nature

Cloud Penetration on AWS offers numerous services to successfully design infrastructure in both a functional and secure manner, note that moving from traditional websites to cloud services saves on average over 32% on costs, if it?s done securely.

Listed below are some of the specific areas in that pentesting can be performed:

  • Web and mobile applications
  • Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)
  • Application server and underlying technology stack such as PHP, Python, Go, etc
  • Virtual machine and operating systems

If you?re curious to learn about pentesting and assessing the security of your applications then acquire the curriculum provided by the US-based University named Cyber Radar University. Help your dream company in securing its assets and ecosystems.

We believe that one size fits for all when it?s the matter of education, worry not you?ll be provided by industry-aligned training courses to maximize your skills.

Learn more about cloud pentesting on AWS, contact us for more information, and enroll yourself in the qualitative course.

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