8 Hunting Tips for Beginners – Make Every Season Successful!

hunting tips for beginners

Usually, hunting trips come along a big amount of cost tag and especially if you are well guided. But it doesn?t mean that you won?t go hunting ever. You would find affordable alternatives for hunting. If you could gain some skills and build up physical strength, a hunting trip would become a reasonable trip for you.

If you are a beginner and all the family members of yours are not encouraging you, you may wonder how to start a hunting trip. In this article, you would get all the information about hunting gear with all accessories that is needed. It may seem difficult where to start hunting but you would find it easy after proper guidance. Here are some tips about starting your hunting trip.

1. Deciding on the type of hunting you prefer:

First of all, you would need to decide what type of hunting you would like to do. You may want to hunt small animals, birds or large animals. Your hunting gear would depend on this type that you are going to use a crossbow or a hunting rifle. First priority is deciding the hunting type because you need to purchase your hunting sport before starting. You could try a few thing or talk with a few people to clear your confusion about what you?re up for.

2. Getting the hunter safety card:

Most states require a hunter safety card for hunting. You should go on for a hunting education course to get a card as this card is the proof of your course. This card ensures that it is valid for hunting in all states. You could buy it online as it is not so expensive.

3. Talking and researching about hunting:

You should talk to a few people who are experienced hunters because it may increase your knowledge. You may know about the spots, best gear and right time of hunting by talking. Probably, you might get invited on hunting trips with experienced people. All you would need to do is show your willingness about your trip and you may get help from others. You could even search online to get basic knowledge about hunting that would be useful for you.

4. Practicing hunting:

No one could be a successful hunter at the very first time. You need to practice hunting by knowing the animals which you would hunt in future. Knowing the hunting area and equipment is the first step of practicing. Try hunting in different terrains and areas that helps you to feel the differences to hunt in those areas.

5. Giving yourself enough time:

There is no embarrassment if you fail your first hunt because as a beginner, messing up or missing is a common thing. It is not necessary that your hunting would be successful at once, so you should not feel disheartened. As a human you could make mistakes, so give enough time to hunting and try again and again.

6. Getting ready with the gears:

In the first hunt, you may add a lot of things in your gear list. Ensure that you have gathered all the essential gears before going to hunt. Right equipment helps you to achieve your target and you may not want to forget something at home.These may include hunting apparels, binoculars, boots, calls, flashlights and batteries, knives, GPS devices, and many more.?

7. Types of game animals:

You would find different categories for different species. Here are the examples of the categories of different types of hunting.

?         Birds: dove, grouse, pheasant

?         Predators: wolf, coyote, mountain lion

?         Small game: skunk, squirrel, raccoon, rabbit

?         Big game: boar, bison, elk, bear, deer, caribou

?         Waterfowl: swan, duck, geese

?         Furbearers: pine marten, beaver, bobcat, fox

You would need to decide what type of animal or bird you are going to hunt and then research about that specific type of hunting.

8. Types of hunting (in terms of weapons)

  • Bow hunting:

Crossbow hunting would allow getting close with nature and sport?s primal principle. You should practice aiming because accurate aim is the most important fact in bow hunting. You would find your bow hunting gear list more longer than hunting with a rifle.

Drawing the weight of your bow would decide how fast your arrow would go. Moreover, you should think about the type of hunting bow whether it would be a compound or a recurve bow. Compound bows is better for a beginner as it requires less energy to fire and the release is powerful and quick.

However, if you get the wrong arrow for shooting, you may fail in your mission. Choose an arrow that has the right length and proper ability to fly. For a bow hunting you may need essentials like:

?         Arrows

?         Crossbow

?         Rangefinder

?         Boots that are waterproof and supportive

?         Quiver

?         Appropriate clothes

?         Food

?         Water

?         First aid box

?         Camera

?         Binoculars

?         Knife

?         Game bags

?         Flashlight

  • Rifle hunting:

Rifle hunting is not as difficult as bow hunting. It is easy to kill an animal by getting grips with a rifle. Your hunting equipment would be shorter here. You have to make a noise as this would scare off the animals and you could easily hunt them. you should prepare your hunting gears before going to hunt with a rifle.

Make sure that you have bought a quality rifle with a trail camera and a scope to get best results. After doing a lot of research about rifle hunting, set a budget for it. you don?t need to spend much money for it at the beginning. You should learn the basics about rifles from online research. Purchase one that you could handle and feel comfortable as the accuracy of shooting depends much on it. remember that you would need a license to use or carry your hunting weapon. Here are the list of rifle hunting essentials:

?         Boots

?         Proper clothing

?         Rifle

?         Ammunition

?         Food

?         Water

?         Knife

?         First aid box

?         Flashlight

?         Binoculars

?         Game bags

?         Camera


You would learn things by doing mistakes when hunting and having fun. You may find endless resources from online about hunting that could improve your hunting skills. Practice properly because practice is the only way to achieve your target. This article may be useful for hunting trips for beginners but there are a lot of things that are available online for you. Keep reading and make progress!

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