HONOR MagicWatch Review


2021 has arrived, and people today no longer dislike smart watches as they used to, but regard them as an extension of smart phones. In recent years, smart watches have become more and more powerful. This time we are evaluating HONOR MagicWatch, a cost-effective smartwatch with diversified functions and stylish appearance.

HONOR MagicWatch uses a 1.2-inch round AMOLED touch screen with a resolution of 390 * 390, which achieves a retina-level high-definition display. The AMOLED screen and the bezel are integrated, the transition is natural, and the black is deep. When viewing outdoors, the screen content is still clearly visible and the brightness is excellent.

Enhance exercise effect                                         

Glory has continued to accumulate technology for 4 years, and its self-developed TruSeen heart rate monitoring technology is the foundation of the core technology of sports health. Relying on this technology, heart rate monitoring in different modes such as exercise heart rate and resting heart rate can be realized. Under exercise heart rate, Honor is in resting heart rate mode. As long as the user keeps wearing the watch continuously, the watch will automatically record the user?s resting heart rate.

For the health of the user, HONOR MagicWatch also supports intelligent dynamic 24-hour continuous heart rate measurement. When not in the exercise mode, it can intelligently detect the user’s exercise state, and intelligently adjust the heart rate detection frequency according to the exercise state to ensure heart rate tracking and resting. Accurate heart rate measurement.

Accurate satellite positioning

HONOR MagicWatch supports simultaneous positioning by three satellite positioning systems (China GPS + GLONASS + Beidou, overseas GPS + GLONASS + GALILEO). The device can receive richer positioning information and improve the usability and accuracy of satellite positioning users.

Complete with the blessing of the three major satellite positioning systems, after the exercise is over, Honor Honor can watch the comprehensive exercise situation that can be displayed on the dial, and even in the open water swimming process, it can restore the true swimming trajectory.

Convenient mobile payment

With the deepening of China?s cashlessness, everyone basically scans codes or pays at close distances. For example, shopping in supermarkets, drinking a cup of coffee and many other daily scenes can be completed by scanning codes on mobile phones, and many mobile phones are now HONOR Watching Magi can be done instantly as long as you lift your wrist, which is really convenient. HONOR MagicWatch also supports scanning code support function, as long as the watch is bound to Alipay, you can use the watch to pay when you go out in the future.

Powerful long-life battery

For the first time, the Honor watch adopts a dual-chip architecture (that is, the cooperation of high-performance chips + high-energy-efficiency chips), which not only ensures efficient operation, but also has better control effects. Together with energy-saving algorithms, this ensures the excellence of the Honor watch. Battery life. At the same time, the charging base of HONOR Watch is equipped with a typeC charging cable to reduce the burden of going out.

Wearing comfort

In order to have more functions, the previously released smart watches sacrificed part of the calibration comfort of the watch. However, on the HONOR MagicWatch, the design team reduced the thickness of the watch to 9.8mm.

This thin and light design not only fits the wrist very well, but also Very good alternative comfort. Since the thickness and weight of the watch are well controlled, it does not feel heavy on the wrist every day.

At the same time, the very soft silicone strap perfectly balances fashion and durability. The place behind the watch that touches the strap and the skin is quite comfortable, especially the strap is very comfortable to the touch, it feels obvious and soft when it fits the skin. You can change the dial style we want in the system settings at will, there are many types.


HONOR MagicWatch adopts AMOLED round screen and metal dial, which is called the shape of other smart watches. The round silicone strap is softer and more comfortable.

And its heart rate monitoring, multiple exercise modes, smart reminders, mobile payment and other functions greatly improve the convenience of life, and the weekly long battery life does not require frequent charging. In short, it is a very good smart watch for sports enthusiast.

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