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Ahmedabad International schools

Every child is born with the ability to change the world in their own unique way. This potential may be achieved with the help of good education. Children must start from the point of self-transformation before they can alter the world. Children who are well educated become confident active members of the global society, whether it is in their capacity to communicate their views logically or in their ability to be compassionate towards others.In a nation like India, famous educational institutions have just recently begun to place a greater emphasis on guaranteeing children’s complete development.

Choosing the proper preschool for your child may be a difficult task for parents. Before we get started, let’s have a look at the basic knowledge of education in Ahmedabad so you can figure out which school is ideal for your child.

Ahmedabad International schools

Ahmedabad’s Education Overview

Ahmedabad, one of Gujarat’s major cities, has definitely seen a lot of growth. Ahmedabad was introduced to a high quality of living as a result of the textile industry’s development. This great quality of life enticed even more parents to relocate to the city. Ahmedabad has great infrastructure across the city as a result of the diverse civilizations that have populated this region in the past. This infrastructure prowess may be seen in contemporary educational campuses like the Global Indian International School (GIIS) in Ahmedabad, which opened in 2014. GIIS, being one of the leading Ahmedabad International schools delivering the most up-to-date in contemporary education, provides all of the necessary benefits for young nursery students to reach their full potential.

What should you look for while choosing the best Nursery school in Ahmedabad?

The best preschool for your child is one that helps pupils to become lifelong self-learners. Young children should be educated that their learning journey does not end once they get formal education, but should continue even after they have completed their required years of study.

Parents should search for an ideal  preschool that allows kids to obtain information beyond the realm of traditional schooling. Only then will they be able to achieve their full potential. Parents may ensure that their children’s potential is recognised outside of the classroom by combining academic topics with involvement in extracurricular activities such as sports. This self-assurance can help a kid feel more self-assured and confirm their trust in themselves as autonomous learners who are not frightened of failure.

Teachers can help pupils overcome their fear of failure by serving as supportive mentors.’ They do it by assuming the role of a supervisor who stands behind the youngsters and provides just the appropriate amount of instruction. Furthermore, the amenities available on the campus of the appropriate preschool may help youngsters develop a good attitude that will last throughout their lives. While some preschools use traditional teaching techniques, others use customised curriculums combined with cutting-edge learning methodologies to give kids the competitive advantage they need to be responsible and productive citizens of a global society.

Preschools such as the GIIS Ahmedabad provide these benefits to each and every one of its students by guaranteeing cheap rates, ensuring that every kid in the city has access to a high-quality education.

GIIS offers a variety of advantages as the best Ahmedabad International school.

When it comes to delivering a complete curriculum for the benefit of young children, few institutions provide the unique learning method that GIIS does. GIIS guarantees that children receive all of the benefits of the renowned Montessori technique through its Global Montessori Plus (GMP) Program. The ‘Plus’ component of this preschool curriculum refers to the distinctive enhancements made by GIIS through the use of the most cutting-edge creative learning instruments, which are allowed by current teaching techniques.

Students are placed in mixed-age groups to assist them to learn how to collaborate and respect one another in a safe atmosphere. Children learning in the same environment with age gaps of 2-3 years are exposed to debates of fresh concepts that would not be feasible in a traditional setting. Teachers can provide a customised learning experience to each and every student by focusing on maintaining a healthy student-teacher ratio. Teachers are not the only ones who are urged to engage with children as much as possible.

Teachers are not only encouraged to engage with students as frequently as possible, but they are also instructed to recognise each student’s potential and tailor their scope of individual learning to bring out the best in each child. Students have the opportunity to work their way through the learning resources offered to them in the learner-centric setting of GIIS preschool classes, developing their own spirit of self-inquiry. A learning atmosphere like this goes a long way toward ensuring each student’s overall development.

The GIIS Admissions Process

To ensure their children’s admission to the Best Nursery school  in Ahmedabad, parents should do the procedures outlined below. To begin, parents should contact the school and convey their desire for their kid to be admitted to GIIS.

Following that, they may schedule a campus tour or a Virtual Counseling session to assist them and their children become acquainted with the school’s learning environment. Following this, GIIS’ experienced counsellors analyse kids’ cognitive abilities, after which parents may submit an application form and pay costs for their child’s first term of preschooling.


Teachers can set kids on the road of growth and development, rather than relying solely on parents to unlock their children’s latent potential. This method guarantees that the children not only have the opportunity to experience revolutionary changes in their thinking, but that their holistic development is also expedited.

As a result,  GIIS is the best  Ahmedabad International School to help young children develop into self-assured, self-learners who are ready to face their future via strong academic and social development.


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