How Does Biometrics Help In Computer-based Examination?

biometric scan solution providers

Computer based examination is a good alternative in the time of Covid as the tradition of offline examinations is fading away. But the question that always bothers me is how can the transparency of the CBT examination be managed? We all know that examination security is not something that can be compromised. Even though it is not a new method, many individuals are unfamiliar with computer-based exams. This is a fantastic alternative to traditional offline examination methods. Because the globe is experiencing many highs and lows at the moment, computer-based tests are a fantastic approach to continue assessments in this situation. All of the obstacles that might arise during offline tests are overcome as a result of this strategy. Exam infrastructure suppliers also give a one-of-a-kind software package that is used in online exams.

Biometric providers for exam security

Biometrics is a modern-day creation that was made possible by technological advances. This makes jobs easier for its users to do. Many different forms of biometrics are worth using at examination centers or workplaces to provide sufficient transparency and accountability. Malfeasance, attendance fraud, and a variety of other wrongs occur as a result of a lack of effective security in place. And it is in this area that the infrastructure provider plays a significant role since they supply all of the biometric facilities. To conduct the examination procedure and the employment process, officials appoint biometric scan solution providers with extensive expertise.

biometric scan solution providers

Face recognition, iris recognition, hand recognition, and voice recognition are major types of biometric devices that work similarly to others. This level of scrutiny accomplishes more than just keeping impersonators out of examinations. Scanners can also be used to keep track of time. They preserve records of all students that login in a secure manner. This method prevents anyone from fraudulently claiming to have been, allowing you to keep a record of their appearance. We can say that biometrics helps in improving the exam process. Computer-based exams can easily be secured by these biometrics.

On the other hand, Exam infrastructure suppliers have a lot to offer. Exam infrastructure organizations offer a range of services, from corporate recruitment solutions to examination assistance. India is a large nation with a population of almost 150 crores, and handling the rigorous process of corporate recruiting is a difficult effort, which is why these organizations expand their services. These service providers are often hired by business businesses or organizations to ensure the smooth conduct of recruiting. In India, admission tests are conducted on a bigger scale, and infrastructure providers are primarily responsible for supplying the necessary amenities at every location. They not only help with entrance examinations but also with recruiting procedures such as interviews and group discussions.


As previously said, today is experiencing a pandemic, and as a result, the method tests are conducted has changed. The traditional test method has been phased out in anticipation of the new type of exams called computer-based exams. Examining bodies cannot possess all examination methods due to their difficulty in acquiring and maintaining them. That’s why these firms partner with exam infra providers, as they offer cutting-edge computer-based assessment methods. With the help of these providers and the right decisions of governing bodies, the way for CBT exams was made clear. Biometrics service providers also extend support for transparent examinations. 


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