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While doing many manual tasks there are a lot of risks to the hands from the impact of doing such tasks. Thus for these tasks, it is always considered wise to use impact resistant gloves. With the help of impact resistant gloves, you will get advanced and improved protection while doing heavy duty jobs. By definition, impact resistant gloves are a much better and superior option than normal and average gloves. It is for these reasons that impact resistant gloves are the norm in many industries where there are many risks and hazards for the workers.

Why should one wear impact resistant gloves?

In some industries it is highly imperative on workers to wear impact resistant gloves. This is because in such industries workers can suffer from impact injuries to the back of their hands if their hands are not protected by impact resistant gloves while doing the different tasks that their job entails them to do. It is for these reasons that impact resistant gloves are a very common sight in industrial work places like shipping, mining, fishing, quarrying, oil and gas exploration as well as extraction.

The truth is that impact injuries to the hands are a common fact in almost all sorts of industries. They are perhaps more prevalent in oil and gas industries. Workers who work in such industries are at a much grave risk for sustaining pinching-related, crushing-related and puncture-related injuries.

Further, workers in the construction industry also end up suffering from impact injuries. Hands are the most important tools for any workers then it is imperative upon all workers working in different industries to keep their hands protected by using impact resistant gloves, at all times. Most of the hand injuries suffered by workers are of an extremely preventable nature and one of the best ways of preventing such injuries is by wearing impact resistant gloves.

What are the different kinds of impact resistant gloves?

In today’s day and age, a wide range of impact resistant gloves are available in the market. There are a lot of variants of impact resistant gloves, which ensures that there is something for everyone, for every job type and for every industry. Some variants of impact resistant gloves are ‘universal’ in appeal and they can be worn for doing work in a lot of industries where there are some variants of impact resistant gloves, meant specifically for a particular industry type and the different tasks that a job in the industry entails. Similarly, there are impact resistant gloves, both for the cold weather, hot weather and also wet working conditions.

How should you choose the best impact resistant gloves?

Your eventual choice of the impact resistant gloves will depend on the requirements of your job. You can do with a general variant but with the requirements of your job are complex then you might need to go for a variant of impact resistant gloves that are specifically designed by keeping in mind the different requirements of your job. Overall, you should always consider comfort and not discount this factor in any case. You should also get the best ‘fit for you because wear ill-fitting gloves is as good as wearing no gloves at all!

The Bottom Line

As long as you are wearing the right kind of impact resistant gloves, you will be able to save yourself from all the impacts of the tasks that you are undertaking. Further, impact resistant gloves will provide you with protection from cuts, abrasions as well as puncture injuries. Once workers wear impact resistant gloves they can work in peace knowing fully well that they have the best protection for their hands in the form of impact resistant gloves.


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