German Language Proficiency Levels

The Common European System of Reference for Languages (CEFR) guideline classifies the achievements of foreign language learners across Europe. It was developed by the Council of Europe, with the focal objective of evaluating and instruction of framework, open to all languages in Europe.

To start and get the best out of an online German language course with a certificate, language institutes use CEFR to show the degree of language comprehension that you must already have. There are 3 stages of the CEFR system: Basic, autonomous, and proficient.

The CEFR level for the German language

Good language schools conduct the best online German classes to train you at whatever level you choose to achieve, as long as you can train for long enough on the right courses. Decide what language learning level you are at right now, at which level you would like to go, and access sufficient course information for the German language course. 

Note: To position you at the required stage, language institutions perform a written evaluation examination and an oral evaluation interview.

A0, A1, and A2- elementary level

A0 – absolute beginner level

You are placed at this level if you have zero knowledge of the German language.

A1- breakthrough beginner level

It is the starting step. After completing this stage from the best online German courses, you can simply convey daily expressions and simple phrases. You can present yourself in German and ask for personal information about others- such as- what your name is and where you live? (Provided that the individual talks slowly, you will communicate clearly).

A2 – Way stage elementary level

After passing this level you can

  •  Understand words and commonly used phrases referring to places of most immediate significance (for example, local places, employment, markets, Basic family, and personal details).
  •  Communicate in simple and routine activities that involve a quick and straightforward exchange of knowledge on familiar and routine issues.
  • Describe facets of your context, immediate atmosphere, and problems in places of immediate need in clear terms.

B1 and B2 comes under independent speaker level

B1 -Threshold intermediate level

B1 is the pre-intermediate level of the German language. Once you clear this level, you can:

  • Understand the main points of consistent standard input on familiar topics commonly seen in work, education, recreation, etc.
  • Deal with conditions that might occur during travel in a region where the German language is spoken.
  • Produce easy related text on familiar subjects or of personal interest.
  • Describe experiences, activities, visions, expectations, goals, thoughts, and plans briefly.

B2- upper intermediate level

B2 is an important level of an offline German language course with a certificate if you plan for a preparatory course in Germany. You will have a command of the basics of German after completing this stage. You will practice reading, writing, and debating daunting subjects and problems relevant to work.

C1 And C2 – Competent Level

C1- advanced level

Clearing this level indicates you have got good German command; are eligible to pursue any bachelor’s course in Germany. You can read any complex abstract content, text, or word without any help. You will be able to present structured content in front of a native German speaker.

C2 – mastery level

If you clear this level after attending the best German online classes thoroughly, you will be pro in German. It means you can speak fluently and spontaneously like native German.


There are many resources available online to learn German. However, if your goal is a career or studies, then an online German language course with a certificate is the only way. Each level has its significance, depending upon your goals. German online courses provide feasibility and experienced guidance to learn German anywhere.

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