How to Play Washers Game Hassle-free: Accessories, Rules, and Other Factors to Know!

    play washers game

    There is no denying that today many developing and most developed nations have felt the need for outdoor games. Wondering why? It?s all because we as individuals have become more and more connected to different smart devices, which has diminished our body?s activity. So there is a need for getting into some classic outdoor games. For example, America is known for its many outdoor sports like Washers Game, Cornhole toss, Disc Golf, Kickball, Frisbee, handball, softball, and others. 

    The goal of Washers Game is to toss small washers (metal disks) into the holes on a washers board. The game is simple yet challenging.

    Also called washer pitching, washers toss, Washers huachas or Washoes, Similar to horseshoes, washers Game is a fun and engaging game that?s often played in two teams of two players each. The game is often played under 3 hole washer board rules. The equipment for this game is simple?all you need is Washers and Washer boards.  

    Washers toss is a game that people of all ages can enjoy! Like most good outdoor activities, it helps you to develop skills that ultimately raise your IQ level.  Moreover, the best part of this game is the easy setup of accessories under rules and regulations. Whether you are familiar or not with washer game, this sport is experiencing an undeniable rise in popularity throughout different nations. It?s a very accessible activity that is easy to take anywhere with you.

    Let?s see some of the Washers accessories that you should have in your Kit. 

    Washers Boards

    With technology expanding at full swing, there are a lot of different Washers boards. They often come in Baltic or softwood, making it easy for washers player to throw their washers. As per official Washers game authorized guidelines, Washers boards are typically 15-inch x 15 inch with a 4.5 inch hole in the center, that’s often considered for 3 hole Washers gameplay. The most appealing part of these washers boards is they often come in different woods and colors. 



    Washers are also one of the top accessories that you need for your Washers gameplay. As per official Washers game authorized guidelines, washers are typically about 2 ? inches on the outside with a 1? hole in the center. There are a lot of quality washer game companies to select your ideal washers from.?


    Official Washers Game Rules 

    Here are Washers Game Rules that need to be follow by each player during the game

    • The main goal of washers game is to land the washer into the Washers boards. 
    • To set up the game, set the distance between washers boards to 10 feet apart.
    • Each team player will have 3 washers to throw towards the targets, so it?s 6 total turns from the team. 
    • For deciding on who will throw the washers toss first, a competition under washer rules is arranged. The team which wins this competition gets the first chance to throw washers in washers boards hole. 
    • As you play, the game score is noted down, and final evaluation is done and notified on who wins the game. 

    Washers Game Scoring 

    The better you throw the washer towards the target, the better the chances are for you to score higher. 

    Washers scoring is done in the following manner:

    • 1 point, if washers lands in the first hole of washers boards 
    • 3 points, if the washers lands in the middle hole of the washers boards
    • 5 points, if the washers lands in the farthest hole of the washers boards. 

    The team who reaches a tally of 21 points ultimately wins the game. 

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