Resident Evil 2. The Biggest Secrets Of The Original Game And Its Ports

    original game ports

    Resident Evil 2 is one of the most iconic productions in the history of both the survival horror genre and the entire video game industry. Shinji Mikami and his team at Capcom put the whole title in it, so even today we are talking about it with excitement.

    Soon there will be a much awaited remake of the iconic gem from the end of the 90s, which was undoubtedly Resident Evil 2. Today, therefore, we would like to bring you closer to the horror of the Japanese from a site that you may not have known yet. Get the next part re4 unlockables ps4 game here.

    Resident Evil 1.5

    In today’s text I will not write too much about the process of creating the second edition of Resident Evil, because such a very detailed text can be found in our portal tomorrow. Now let’s focus a bit on different versions of RE2, because Capcom has transferred its work to really many different platforms (like Bethesda of his Skyrim). The original edition released on the first PlayStation was the first one and of course contained two basic scenarios for Leon and Claire, after passing which to A grade, the players received another adventure.

    Additional content, the so-called. The 4th Survivor script, presented us the story of one Umbrella Corps agent named Hunk who is trying to get out of Raccoon City. If we finish his story well enough, the game will unlock one more unique game mode. The To-fu Survivor was a special secret script in which we play the role of a cube of white tofu equipped only with a knife. Both additional mini-games gave us a predefined type of weaponry and required us to pass a specific level on time, struggling with aggressive zombies. In the extended edition of the game, Resident Evil 2: Dual Shock Ver., One more mode has been added. 

    Extreme Battle could be unlocked after completing scenarios A and B from the main campaign on normal difficulty. When this happened, the game threw us to its last level, i.e. the Umberll’s laboratory, and our goal was to return to the very beginning to the police station in the city and deactivate as many as 4 bombs. On the first level of difficulty we had to choose Leon and Claire, then the second degree of challenge was given to us by Ada Wong, while the third and last served as a surprise of Chris Redfield himself from the first installment of the series.

    Trip with a platinum badge

    Capcom then decided to port his hicior to personal computers, where he made some significant changes to adapt it to tin cans. First of all, the title was mainly written under Windows 98 and to the surprise of many, it did not require installation of the game on the disk, but allowed to run ourselves from the disc, as if we were playing on the console. Capcom himself recommended users hooking up to the PC, because keyboard control could cause unwanted problems with misreading the keys when we pressed two of them at one time. To make it easier for us to configure the control, the developers prepared a special room in the menu, where Leon and Claire stood in front of the mirror and performed each action for which the button was responsible.

    A digital wonder on Nintendo 64

    Nintendo 64 was terribly difficult equipment when it comes to creating ports on it for large, well-known games from systems such as PlayStation. First of all, the developers had to do wonders over miracles here, just to be able to fit their entire game on ridiculously small cartridges, the largest of which had a capacity of only 64 MB. And I can’t understand how Capcom did it, but while each version of Resident Evil 2 required as many as 2 CDs (or 1 DVD in the case of GameCube and editing on Windows XP), so on N64 both campaigns fit on one cartridge!

    Of course, this was not without loss of quality in the audiovisual game. The sound scored a considerable drop in terms of clarity and sounds a bit like it was played from an old crackling radio. The graphics in the normal version is similar to that of the PSX, but when we add additional RAM to the console, in places it can look even a bit better. The most compression received the FMV movies, which is a considerable technological achievement that they could be there at all – most games were simply devoid of such goodies.

    One of the tricks that allowed this digital miracle was the reuse of some FMV scenes for different scenarios, which in the whole production reveals only one misspoken sentence. 

    Of the larger cuts in the content, we should mention the lack of Extreme Battle and Arrange Mode, which, however, has its advantages, as, as in other productions on N64, loading screens are extremely fast. Of course, if you want, you can use the code for infinite ammunition, but in this case, instead of the infinity symbol, the game will simply show 0 bullets, but still allow you to infuse. In addition, the 4th Survivor and To-fu Survivor modes are available to unlock using traditional methods or special codes.

    Due to the “family” character of the console, the Nintendo 64 version is the only one that has a code for immortality, settings for the level of brutality shown to players, and the color of blood spilling from enemies – this can be red, green or even blue.

    The last version of Resident Evil 2 at the time was the Nintendo GameCube port, which was only released in 2003. The title underwent an eye-catching graphic facelift, got a new, more compatible with other games of the series on Gack, a voice pronouncing the name Resident Evil 2, and also allowed easier play thanks to the non-breaking code for infinite ammunition. It is also worth mentioning that this was the only version of RE2 in which we could scroll through scenes built on the game engine.

    Resident Evil 2. The Biggest Secrets Of The Original Game And Its Ports

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