Top 10 Best-Selling Mobile Games in 2020

Playing games is most popular not only among kids but the adults take keen interest in playing games and after all it gives you some relaxation too. 

Choosing an interesting game to kill for a little time during the holidays is quite difficult, so to make it easier, we’ve put together a list of the best and best-selling Android games you can find in 2020. Whatever games you prefer, each of the titles on our list will give you at least a few hours of quality entertainment. Some of them are not inferior to the gameplay and quality of even some of the biggest console and PC hits of the year. Try them, it’s worth it

1. Minecraft: Pocket Edition

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The idea behind Minecraft: Pocket Edition is simple – it all starts in a non-human pixelated world. In it, everything can be dug, cut, modified or turned into usable items. The player has complete freedom to create whatever he wants from the little cubes that make up Minecraft. Building is not entirely pointless – hordes of enemies attack you every night and the only way to survive is to prepare yourself well in the day – to strengthen your home well, to make weapons of handicrafts, etc. The game is highly addictive and the things you can do in it are limited only by your imagination, for sure this is one of the best mobile games. The only downside to the mobile version is the slightly weird controls, but it’s a small price to pay to play this great game on your phone while on the go or waiting somewhere.

2. League of Stickman

Remember the “break your keyboard” games? In them, one has to push several buttons as fast as possible to smear hordes of enemies on the screen with weapons or fists. Well, League of Stickman is just such a game, but for a smartphone. It will be a real test for your smartphone screen (fortunately they don’t break as easily as keyboard buttons). In the game, you control a black man with his feet and hands as a stick (hence the Stickman title) and your goal is to kill as many enemies with your arsenal of Bruce Lee weapons and karate skills.

3. Real Drift Car Racing

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If you are a true car fanatic and live for racing, you should not miss this game. Unlike Need for Speed, her idea is to collect as many points as you drift (i.e. slide away) your car in the most skillful way possible. The gameplay itself is simple but very addictive, and a quick 5-minute game often turns into a few hours of running around the tracks of Real Drift Car Racing.

4. Minecraft: Story Mode

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An adventure game in the Minecraft universe is a weird idea. The very premise of Minecraft is that it is an “open” world where players can do whatever they want, without being restricted by any story. Her idea is for the player to create her own story, goals, etc. Incorporating a story into the game would have seemed like a patch if it had not been developed by the veterans of Telltale Games adventure games. 

5. Construction Simulator

Construction Simulator is exactly what you can expect from a game with a similar name. It gives you control over several different construction machines and makes you help build all kinds of construction sites.  At least we had a great time with Construction Simulator. The only problem with the game is the controls, which are quite difficult on the phone. However, if you play on a tablet, Construction Simulator is definitely worth it!

6. Card Wars � Adventure Time

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Who doesn’t love “Magic The Gathering” card games? Card Wars – Adventure Time offers just that. The good news is that it is sophisticated and fun enough to satisfy all fans of this type of games. The gameplay is typical of a card game with the sole addition of having so-called “corridors”. The player can put cards on the table, but only if they match the color of the corridor. This adds an additional strategic challenge and sets Card Wars apart from other similar games. The bad things about Card Wars, however, slightly spoil the fun of fun card competitions. If you love Adventure Times and its characters, this game is well worth it, despite its flaws.

7. The Room

The Room is the ultimate puzzle game. In most such games, the goal is to get out of a place or room. However, the goal here is to open a box in the middle of the room. But this is no ordinary box at all. It is the worst puzzle you have ever encountered. As you progress in unlocking the various compartments in the box, you will find additional items that will help you continue further. Game graphics are one of the best smartphone games have to offer. The music is level too – ominous and captivating, and fits the story of the game extremely well.

8. Five Nights at Freddy�s

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Five Nights at Freddy’s is one of the few horror games for mobile. This makes it in some ways unique and interesting. The idea behind Five Nights at Freddy’s is simple – you can monitor several security cameras. You are the new employee of Freddy’s Restaurant, whose job is to keep the mechanical animals entertained by the kids at daycare. However, due to a technical malfunction, they cannot be turned off at night and stroll through the dark halls of the restaurant. Horror games for phones and tablets are rare, and Five Nights at Freddy’s is the best of them right now. We recommend with two hands.

9. Football Manager Mobile

Football Manager is recognized worldwide for the most realistic football club management series.�Therefore, the mobile version of the game was an expectation with great interest from all football fans.�What better than keeping your favorite team on your phone while traveling or killing a few minutes?�The mobile version has almost all the elements of the main game, with only the interface made more convenient for the phone – they are no longer endless sliders replaced by visual elements that allow you to command your players in intelligible language with a few taps on the screen.

10. Worms 3

Almost every gamer has ever played one or the other version of the famous Worms franchise. The new Worms 3 retains the core idea of ??cult games – a turn-based strategy in which you control a few fun-drawn worms and try to destroy an enemy team with all sorts of weapons. The ability to destroy the terrain and the devilishly funny ways in which the worms “die” give the game a truly entertaining cheap assignment help UK atmosphere. However, Worms 3 doesn’t just rely on old laurels. One of the interesting innovations in it is the so-called Trading Cards – cards that you collect with the completion of missions and with which you can change different parameters with each duel such as lower gravity, greater bonuses on the cartons, with which you can treat injured worms, etc.

Bily Bum is an electrical engineer, tech, and gaming fan with 15 years of experience in the technology world. He is also a contributor on site VogaTech.

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