How to Open Maildir File in PST File Online? –With 5 Easy Steps

maildir to pst converter

Are you facing issue converting your Maildir files into PST format? In this article, you’ll get the solution of the query “how to open Maildir file in PST file online” in a best possible manner. Follow these blog till the end.  Firstly let me elucidate about Maildir and PST file formats. 

Maildir Files: It is a file format particularly for email messages. The Maildir data stores over server, which is why it requires internet connectivity in order to get access of Maildir data. There are three directories called Tmp, New, and Cur to save Maildir files. 

PST Format:  Outlook email client supports PST format. PST includes items like email messages, events, tasks, appointments, calendars, etc.

By using CubexSoft Maildir to PST Converter, it is feasible to convert Maildir file to Outlook format PST in a single time processing. It gives many convenient features which makes the process of Maildir to PST very effortless for the users. Now let’s discuss the 5 important steps which are required to be taken to convert Maildir to PST. 

Let’s Discuss 5 Simple Steps to Convert Maildir Files to PST Format 

The complete guide on how to open Maildir file in PST file online is given below: 

Step1:  Firstly Install Maildir Converter on Windows Operation System. 

Step2: Now add required Maildir files and folder by using given options such as “Add Files” and “Add Folder”. 

Step3: By clicking on “Export” choose the resultant option “PST”. 

Step4: Users may now add filter options to choose Maildir files accordingly as per requirements, these are like to, from, subject, date filter and exclude deleted items. 

Step5: Now set the destination path for the output files accordingly, thereafter you may click on “Convert” button. After that users may end the conversion process successfully by clicking “OK” button. 

Let’s Know All About Maildir to PST Conversion Application 

Maildir to PST Converter Tool helps uploading multiple Maildir files to import into Outlook format PST, users may also upload the complete Maildir folder, and this is how it simply the migrate a bunch of Maildir to PST at once. After uploading all the data, users can simply choose the specific items which they want to convert in Outlook format.  This is also the simplest method to convert Maildir files to PST format, as without belonging from a technical background, users can efficiently move Maildir files to another PST format. Users have a great convenience of choosing the desired path for the output files according to their preference. When then migration of conversion over, users get the conversion status immediately on the screen, the log-report appears in Text file that users may save as well for further analysis.

End Note 

Maildir to PST Converter Tool can be installed and open on any Windows Operating System’s edition for example Windows 10, Windows 11, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows XP, and Windows Vista, etc. Do resolve the issue of how to open Maildir file in PST file online through freed demo that allows transferring of first 25 Maildir to Outlook PST without any charges. 

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