Monsoon Safe Natural Cat Grooming Products & Cat Food Online You Can Rely On

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Hello cat parents, wish you happy cat parenting. Monsoon is at its peak across northern India. You might be enjoying this much-awaited season at its best but have ever thought about the special care that your feline friend needs during this 2-3 months period to stay safe from infection and other diseases? Prevention is better than cure; therefore, you should adopt some practices to keep your pet cat healthy and happy while enjoying this rainy season.

Common Cat Diseases During the Rainy Season

Here I brief you about the more likely to spread common diseases during the rainy season that can harm your catā€™s health delivering long-term impact on well-growing-   

  • Diseases caused by ticks and fleas like ever, flea bite allergies, flea allergic dermatitis
  • Fungal infection and skin diseases caused by bacteria, fungi, and viruses
  • Kennel cough caused by rain and high humidity

Intestinal problems because of drinking water containing pathogenic microorganisms

Extra Precautions You should Take for Cat Parenting in Monsoon

I know you are a responsible cat parent still you need to be extra careful during monsoon by following the simple practices-  

  • Donā€™t keep your cat outside more
  • Deworm your cat regularly
  • Get your cat vaccinated
  • Monitor any sign of sign of labored breathing, pain, or agitation
  • Regularly check for ticks and leeches
  • Keep the cat food bowl protected against rain water

Keep the cat space insect-free

Natural Cat Grooming Products for Monsoon Season

The leading online cat products stores like MesoPet, the one I trust the most, offer a range of natural cat grooming products that you need year-round. Many of these cat care products might not be available at your nearby local pet products store, therefore, I recommend buying cat care products online from a trustworthy and reputed online cat care products store. The top-trending cat grooming products that will add a new dimension to your cat parenting are-

Himalaya Digyton Plus Syrup: Eliminates gas formation, relieves stomach bloating, and promotes digestion

Caredom Lavender Dry Cat Shampoo: Protects fur coat from fleas, ticks and fungus

Caredom Herbal pet Cat Shampoo – Sitaphal & Neem: Available in 200 ML packaging, herbal pet cat shampoo containing extracts of Sitaphal and Neem is a great solution to keep your cat free from fleas, ticks, fungal infections, and allergy. 

Trixie Grooming Glove: Grooms the coat while petting, stimulates blood flow, and strengthens bonding 

IiLio Antifungal Drybath: Waterless cat shampoo soothes and moisturizes catā€™s dry skin leaving your cat with a shining clean and soft fur coat

Soothing Tea Tree Oil Lotion: Provides a great relief from itching, insect bites, cuts, and grazes.

CORISE Opthocare-KT Eye Drops: Opthocare M eye drops from Corise contain Moxifloxacin with Ketorolac Trimethamine; it is highly effective for treating inflammation like coronial bacterial infection and conjunctivitis besides working as antibacterial pain reliever.

Natural Cat Food Products for Monsoon Season

The top-performing online pet stores offer various options to delight your cat with quality food. The choice depends upon the catā€™s health, age, and liking. While selecting cat food online in India during monsoon sessions, you need to be extra careful because of high probability of digestion and infection issues. Here I list some monsoon-safe cat food that you can buy from reputed online pet stores to include in your catā€™s diet plan-  

Arden Grange Fresh Chicken & Potato Grain Free Dry Kitten Food: It contains large size portions of fresh chicken that provide easily digestible protein. It is a rich source of amino acid and promotes a well-nourished coat and skin. 

Farmina N&D Quail & Coconut Wet Cat Food: Wet Cat Food Quail & Coconut diet contains a rich amount of coconut and quality quail. It provides all the essential ingredients for all cat breeds.

Lara Adult Sterilized Cat Food: it is highly effective for weight management. The delicious chicken-flavored chunks delight your cat.

Chicken & Rice Dry Cat Food: It is a complete food for all cat types because of being highly digestible; it contains chicken and rice as the main ingredients. It gives the coat a lustrous shine.

Wrapping Up

The ever-expanding range of brands and cat food types often confuse cat owners to decide right; the best way to decide right in favor of your catā€™s health is to consult with a vet. Leading stores supplying cat grooming products and cat food online provide online assistance to help you buy the best cat care accessories and cat food manufactured by top brands like Arden Grange, Applaws, Farmina, Me-O, Whiskas, Royal Canin, Bellotta, etc.