Tips on How to Avoid Diabetes

avoid diabetes

For many people, diabetes becomes a quite scary disease that is actually easy to prevent. In fact, although they already know that they are suffering from diabetes, they do not try to reduce it with a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle can include lose weight, reduce eating, exercise, and always monitor blood sugar levels. What do you have to do to avoid diabetes?

Here are several ways to avoid diabetes.

1. Lose weight

Even for obese people, they have 70 percent less chances to develop diabetes if they lose only 5 percent weight, even if they don’t exercise.

2. Choose the right appetizers

Eating vegetables before the main course can help control blood sugar levels. In research from Arizona State University, people with type 2 diabetes or a precursor condition called insulin resistance have lower blood sugar levels if they consume about 2 tablespoons of vinegar before eating high carbohydrates.

A lead researcher Carol Johnston, PhD said that the acetic acid in vinegar can deactivate certain starch processing enzymes which will slow down the carbohydrate digestion. In fact, the vinegar effect might be similar to the blood sugar-lowering drug like Acarbose (Precose) as a diabetes destroyer.

3. Walk a Lot

Walk as much as possible every day, then the body will be healthier even if you don’t experience weight loss. People in the study in Finland who exercise up to 4 hours a week or about 35 minutes a day can reduce the risk of diabetes by up to 80 percent.

4. Eat the right cereal

Choosing the right cereal can help you controlling blood sugar levels. High intake of whole grains is also associated with lower rates of breast cancer, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and stroke. Cereals are one of the best sources of grains.

5. Consuming coffee

If you really like coffee, it doesn’t matter if you keep drinking coffee. Based on the results of research during 18 years of study from the Harvard School of Public Health found that coffee drinkers more than 6 cups a day had a 29-54 percent lower risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

6. Avoiding fast food

Avoiding fast food in addition to avoid the condition of obesity can also reduce the risk of diabetes.

7. Reducing meat consumption

According to the results of the study, women who ate red meat at least 5 times a week had a 29 percent higher risk for type 2 diabetes than those who ate less than once a week.

8. Consuming cinnamon

Based on the results of a study, cinnamon can reduce blood sugar by about 10 percent. Compounds in cinnamon can activate enzymes that stimulate insulin receptors. Cinnamon has also been shown to help lower cholesterol and triglycerides that is known as the blood fats for causing diabetes risk.

9. Relax to avoid stress

Stress can cause the heart to beat faster, breathe faster, and trigger blood sugar levels to rise. Chronic stress can also increase blood sugar levels. So, if you are experiencing stress, you should be more relaxed. By doing some hobbies or activities you like and make you happy, you can prevent stress yourself.

10. Get enough sleep

A study from Yale University that involves 1,709 men in the research found that men who regularly got less than 6 hours of sleep doubled their risk of diabetes. So, by getting enough sleep, you can reduce the risk of diabetes and other heavy diseases.

11. Getting married

Based on the results of the study, women who live alone without her partner are 2.5 times more likely to develop diabetes than women who live with a partner. The results of these studies have been published in many publications. Women who live alone also have higher possibilities to smoke, have healthy dietary habits, and consume alcohol.

12. Monitor blood sugar levels

A simple blood test can reveal whether the blood sugar level puts it at risk for the condition of diabetes. People with prediabetes have slightly high blood sugar levels, between 100-125 mg / dl, and often develop diabetes cases within 10 years. By monitoring blood sugar levels regularly, you will be able to take diabetes prevention measures.

These are several tips to avoid diabetes that you should know. By applying the healthy lifestyle and less sugar, anyone can prevent the scary diabetes for their own life.


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