Surrogate Motherhood of the Fulfillment of Obligations

    surrogate motherhood
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    A married couple with problems of childbearing, choosing a country and reproductive clinic where their child is to be born, faces many questions. Among the main ones, of course, the price of a surrogate mother, the relation of legislation to the practice of surrogacy, the procedure for drawing up documents of the newborn and the ability to protect the custody of their child in case the surrogate mother changes her mind and does not want to leave the child. Having found answers to these questions, future parents are forced to seek a compromise, as there are differences from country to country:

    • The procedure and conditions for the provision of surrogacy services;
    • The procedure for the legalization of the newborn and getting child custody by a couple;
    • Prices for medical, legal and guest services;
    • Guraranteeobligationsfromclinics.

    Often, the combination of these factors form extremely unprofitable combinations for future parents: non-profit surrogacy does not allow saving, as it is more than compensated by the high cost of medical, legal, and other services. In a number of countries where the price of a surrogate mother is acceptable, there is no well-developed legal framework, that is why a surrogate mother can keep the baby and no court will deny her this right. Accordingly, a married couple can be left without a child having paid a considerable amount and tuned in to happy parental care. 

    And finally, the most sensitive issue is guaranteed. In the vast majority of cases, the cost of the program includes a small number of embryo transfers and the risks of abortion are not covered. That is if the prescribed number of IVF protocols did not lead to pregnancy or the pregnancy was terminated, all medical procedures (and the surrogate mother fee) will have to be paid again for new attempts. Accordingly, there is a considerable risk of spending the entire budget without becoming parents.

    Feskov Human Reproduction Group considered all the ?pains? of future parents and included favorable conditions in their package programs. For example, leihmutter kosten or the price of a surrogate mother, egg donor, as well as legal and guest services are included in the price of the programs. Moreover, we offer a different degree of risk coverage – up to 12 weeks of pregnancy or until the birth of a healthy baby. This means that in the event of an unsuccessful embryo transfer or abortion, the clinic will repeat the entire program at its own expense as many times as necessary to ensure the result. Legislation of Ukraine 100% protects the interests of parents: the surrogate mother has no rights to the child. As you can see, we offer a turnkey result for future parents with any medical situation.

    Take a closer look at our services, ask the manager your questions in an online chat – we will help you choose a reproductive program suitable for your couple. We already have discussed the key meters still if you have any suggestions or questions you are welcome to leave on the comment box. 

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