Right Cleaning of Portable Ice Maker: 5 Tips

    Ice and Lemon

    When your ice is no longer fresh, then you realize that something?s amiss with your ice maker. If you have the best countertop ice maker you might have wondered if it?s even necessary to clean it.

    Most people overlook this. Maybe it?s because it rarely gets dirty, or because you tend to use it often. But here?s the issue.

    If you fail to clean it, bacteria may build-up, leading to infections. You need to know how to clean a portable ice maker. But how can you do that? Keep reading the tips below.

    1. Unplug the icemaker from any sockets and turn it off

    When cleaning a portable electric ice maker, don?t forget to unplug it from electricity. Before doing this, turn it off.  Otherwise, you may get an electric shock even if you had switched off the machine.

    2. Remove everything from the icemaker

    This machine might be having melted ice or water. Remove them using the drain plugs of the ice maker.

    3. Disconnect other parts

    You need to disassemble removable parts of your icemaker like the molder, ice basket, and the ice tray. This makes the cleaning process to be easier. You might want to read more from the instruction guide that comes with it.

    4. Clean it with a cleaning solution

    You need to use a cleaning solution together with water to kill all the germs. Some dust and rust cannot get away by washing with only plain water. Vinegar or lemon juices can excellent cleaning solution for cleaning the inner parts of your portable ice maker.?

    You can then rinse the solution off with water once you are sure it is clean enough. Each ice maker manual has recommendations on the type of water you need to use while cleaning it. Some need warm water, while some recommend cleaning with tap water.

    5. Replace or clean parts that need a thorough cleaning

    There are some parts like the water filter, which would require some thorough cleaning. You can replace them with a new one or if in good condition, clean them. Clean other interior removable parts and dry them before returning them inside. 

    A soft piece of cloth could be useful in wiping the inner parts of this machine. A small portable ice maker might be a bit challenging to clean inside. Removing the detachable parts can be helpful.

    You can as well allow the machine to dry by leaving it open. If you are lucky enough, you might get a portable machine with a cleaning cycle. This feature aids in drying it.

    After the machine dries, return all the detachable parts that you had previously removed. You can then use your portable countertop maker.

    You shouldn?t get stressed about cleaning your ice maker. It is something that you can do within a few minutes. You need to be careful and disconnect the machine from the socket.

    Conclusion: Remember to dry it with a soft piece of cloth both inside and outside before storing it back. Otherwise, it might get rust. Even if it?s a cheap portable ice maker, cleaning it well is mandatory for it to last long.

    What challenges do you face while cleaning your portable ice maker? Let us know in the comments section below.

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