How Akira Is Giving The Fans Spiritual Experiences?

    Fans Spiritual Experiences

    Without any exaggeration, Akira has been leading the anime world since 1988. It has made the year 1988 a year of success for the Japanese anime industry. At the premiere of this anime movie, many non-natives in Japan were finally involved in the anime world. The world was aware of anime now, and all credits go to Akira only. The main costume from this movie, Akira Jacket, has inspired costumes while the art of this movie influenced many anime and manga creators.

    For people who haven’t seen Akira, they are missing out on a huge cinematic experience. Don’t think of this movie as an old film, as even three decades Akira is more relatable than so many movies from today’s releases. Akira represented a futuristic world in Tokyo, a world where Tokyo emerged as a controversial state after getting wiped out by a boy named Akira. The state was facing as many problems as the majority of countries are facing right now.

    The incompetence of government, rebellious youth, and the furious public, and violent protests? described Tokyo’s condition. Everything described Akira perfectly and charged up the viewer’s enthusiasm. It was like Akira unmasked many hidden, shameful secrets of our society and became the most captivating anime movie ever! Otomo’s take on his anime turned out to be a spiritual cyberpunk anime for many while being the horror experience of friendship and loyalty.

    Encounter to this movie can never be impure as Otomo worked his very best in his film. He put a condition on making this movie that he would only work on this movie if he could’ve worked on it with justice and creative control. It was something unique, coming front the mouth of someone who has worked on many animes till that time. So he worked on his 2000 page anime with a lot of budgets involved in this. A total amount of $10 million was invested in this mega anime. 

    After investing a huge sum of money and taking complete charge, Otomo started using it correctly. Otomo struck very hard to make this anime happen, and Akira’s animation is consisted of over 160,000 animations cells, more than double of any anime of that time. Watching anime with such excellence and sharpness made this experience like a live-action movie. That’s what made critics and audiences sit in front of their screen for the whole duration.

    This all could go in vain without the captivating story and brilliant concept of Akira manga. This was the story of Akira that has touched so many hearts and gave people a pure spiritual story. Manufactured in 1988, this movie depicted the Tokyo of 2019. Tokyo was destroyed by a boy who had telekinetic powers, now the state was balancing after thirty years, and still, it was facing many complex problems.

    Following Tokyo’s constrained revamping to the tragic, military-complex-controlled Neo-Tokyo, Akira investigates topics of alienated youth, defilement in government, uncontrolled strict devotion, atomic energy-caused supernatural power, demolition, and resurrection. This movie opened up with a huge destructive cloud demolishing the old Tokyo. After a while, it was shown that a boy named Akira caused that destruction as some kinetic energy was diffused in him.

    Then the movie showed a time-lapse of 30 years and the emergence of Tokyo as Neo-Tokyo, but a void caused by the negligence of government was still unfulfilled. After a glance at Tokyo’s condition, the movie has now moved on towards a biker gang of teen boys. This gang is called “Capsules” and has two main members; Shotaro Kaneda and Tetsuo Shima. They both were best friends and on their way to fight with their rival gang clown.

    In between their feud, Tetsuo has a clash with an esper, which led him to have psychokinetic powers. That person was running from the government, so he was sent back, and Tetsuo was admitted to the hospital. Later on, discovering his powers, Tetsuo became a warning for the government, and they tried to kill it. The involvement of Kaneda in Tetsuo’s matter and how he tried to solve the whole problem was an emotional roller-coaster for so many people.

    Kaneda tried his best to stop his friend from becoming a national threat, but even Tetsuo had no control over his powers and abilities. Kaneda met his love of life in the process of saving his friend, who also helped him in getting his best friend back. Even after so many attempts, Kaneda failed in saving Tetsuo Shima, and Tetsuo has woken up Akira, who was in a deep sleep. Akira got up with a huge gigantic blast gulping everything in it, and a new era of destruction begins?

    Tetsuo and Kaneda’s relationship touched everyone; also, the purity of Kaneda’s character gave people a spiritual experience. Similarly, there are so many emotions associated with Akira Leather Jackets, and still, they are on the trend list.

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