Importance of a responsive website in SEO

    responsive website

    #1 – Website usability

    A responsive website design Singapore layout makes it easy for the users to read and navigate each page of the website. They can also view the website content on any device even on a small screen. As a result, there will be improvements in website usability.

    Search engines like Google prefer websites that give their users a positive experience. They record the ?time on-page? of each website visitor. The longer the website visitor stays on the webpage, the more value it adds to the website. This is a signal for search engines that the website is a good page to get information. As a result, they rank these webpages higher. Thus, make sure that the website design Singapore expert can create a responsive design that is easy to navigate. 

    #2 – Faster page loading

    Another reason why users leave a website immediately is because of slow page loading. Slow page loading annoys users which will result in a decrease in their positive website experience. This will be noticed by search engines.

    A faster page loading time is an essential factor for the webpage to rank in search engines. A responsive website design can swiftly load pages. It can also quickly load webpages that contain large media files which typically slows down the loading time. Therefore, it is important that the affect website design Singapore professional knows responsive website design techniques that will speed up page loadings.?

    #3 – Decrease in bounce rate 

    Search engines are very particular with a website?s bounce rate which refers to the number of times website visitors immediately leave the website upon entering. A higher bounce rate means that the webpage doesn?t have the content that website visitors are looking for in that particular query. Thus, search engines will rank down these sites and even move them to the second page of the search results.

    However, content is not always the reason why a website has a high bounce rate. Many times, the reason is that the website design prevents users from comprehending the content. That is why a responsive design developed by a good website design Singapore specialist is essential in reducing the bounce rate.

    #4 – Prevent duplicate website content

    There are website owners who use a separate URL for the desktop version of their website from the mobile version. This is so that they can accommodate both their desktop and mobile audience. However, this can result in the duplicate website content. Search engines do not like webpages that have the same content. As a result, they rank down these websites. 

    However, with a responsive website design Singapore layout, you can only use one URL for both desktop and mobile users. That is because a responsive website has the ability to morph the webpage according to the screen size to which it was viewed. This is the reason why many prefer a responsive website design Singapore layout for their websites. 

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