Dark Side Of Goku: Worst Things Goku Has Ever Done!

Dark Side Of Goku

A myth that heroes never make mistakes is brutally proven wrong by Goku. Goku is the protagonist of an anime manga, a monkey tailed boy who belonged to another planet but refused to involve with them as he was on earth since his birth. Goku spent most of his life punching people down and using his powers, which turned his hair golden every time. Though he has made some very silly mistakes and that nobody could expect from him. Keep reading so the next time before opting for Goku Jackets, and you can recall his silly mistakes. Unsurprisingly, nothing can change the love for Goku we all have, but these mistakes and worst decisions gave us the realization of the fact that anyone can make mistakes. 

Goku is everything a superhero could be, a fighter who never backs off, but he always shows compassion towards enemies. Overall, Goku is the guardian of the world; maybe those mistakes and bad things about him are just added as the humor factor in the anime. So here is the most awaited list of Goku’s serious and dimwitted mistakes.


Like sparing Vegeta was not enough that Goku did the same with Raditz. Goku has a history of letting unworthy people live, and later on, they have become a threat to him. The manifested example is the Raditz, the first mega antagonist of Dragon Ball Z and Goku’s elder brother. Goku had this wicked Saiyan defeated with his tail grabbed, and all Piccolo asked him was to wait.

Instead of holding back for Piccolo to work on Special Beam Cannon, Goku got distracted with the pleading of Raditz and let him go. Just because of requesting, seriously Goku? It is not even funny! The irony is that Goku was found in a dangerous place as now Piccolo had no choice but to strike Goku and Raditz both. After a long fight, Goku finally took Piccolo down but lost his own life.


When someone says everything is fair in love and war, don’t know about anyone else, but Goku legit took it way too seriously. Otherwise, why would a sane person give a senzu bean to Cell? Goku endangered the entire universe with galaxies by this. Senzu bean contains so many important aspects in Dragon Ball Z, like having the capability to heal injuries, returning of spirits, and getting your energy to the prime level. This bean is the magical meditation for Z-fighters when they are in trouble. 

After Goku gave up in front of Cell, the mighty Saiyan educated his son Gohan for battling in his stead. Gohan noticed he got an opportunity since the antagonist Cell was exhausted. Goku additionally drained from his dispute against Cell, pleaded Krillin to toss a senzu bean towards him; his companion did. tout de suite, since he needed a reasonable fight with the villain who�s priority was to devastate the earth, Goku’s handed the powerful bean to devilish Cell, taking the beast back to full capabilities.


Son Goku has made some very worst decisions, though “Saga” is the fault that overcomes every other bad decision. Goku made a very blatant decision during this battle when he allowed his mentally challenged friend Majin Vegeta to think that he has a chance to fight. After that, we don’t there were filler or Goku himself was restraining and expanding this fight. 

This obligated him Vegeta’s life to murder Majin Buu. Goku had the final round with Buu and progressed Super Saiyan III over him. Goku never wanted this to happen; nonetheless, that was the only way to stop Majin Buu. Goku declared that there were sturdier warriors arriving, under the name Gotenks. Gotenks were a mixture of 50-percent-Saiyan children, Goten, and Trunks. 

Their arrival proceeded to more difficulties, and everyone kept banging their heads on the fact that Goku was not plying his full capabilities from the start. He could’ve easily taken down Majin Buu with his full competency, but No, he would be incomplete without his silly mistakes; he thought putting the whole universe at peril is better than using whole power.

Even after these major mistakes, Goku’s love and respect are the same as day one. Not only do people love him, but they have a strong connection to him and�Goku Bomber Jacket. These mistakes may have proven him stupid, but they also proved that Goku has the purest heart among all other Saiyans, which is the rarest thing among those Saiyans, as they were trained to be fighters and warriors, and a combatant can’t have a good heart. However, this heart of gold has made people forgive Goku for his digita marketing mistakes. Goku has inherited the same qualities in his son Gohan’s heart, and he possessed the same sensitive heart as his father.


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