The Crazy History of DC Character: Harley Quinn!

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    If there is an anti-villain in real world, it is none other than Harley Quinn. She is too popular to have limited choices; her world exists on a continuum of positive and negative thought processes. Once introduced in relation to Joker only, she evolved to become much more than just a henchman to Joker?s sinister ideas. 

    First Appearance in a Cartoon 

    Some may call her a maniac, but she is far from a brainless goon. Her first look in cartoon Batman: The Animated Series? episode in 1992 named Joker?s Favor, changed the pace of the game completely. Joker, who never really countered her feelings, had an obsessed woman with him. Harley Quinn?s Jester?s get-up is an iconic one and has seen many variations throughout the years.

    Steps into DC Comics Universe 

    In the DC Universe, Harley Quinn has a significant place seven years after her initial cartoon appearance. She is the one who were adapted in a reverse manner ? from animations to books.

    Her most notable appearance was in The Batman Adventures: Mad Love, before that she was a part of the comics. This comic also gave facts about Harley?s history as Joker?s psychiatrist at first. 

    All Brave and Alone 

    Premiering in the late 2000s, Harley Quinn?s comic explored her relationship with Joker and Poison Ivy. Quinn?s relationship with Joker is in shambles, and Quinn is well aware that Joker used her thoroughly for his evil plans. The chaos their relationship brought only benefitted the criminal mastermind, aka Joker. 

    Time to move in Numbers 

    Harley Quinn decides to make friends, after a long gap in 2009 in Gotham City Sirens. She made an alliance with other powerful female characters, including Poison Ivy and Catwoman. The ending shows that the three have joined solid forces and moved into an abandoned shelter. The series lasted for 26 issues and proved to be a vital point for Harley?s character development. 

    Returning to Arkham 

    Batman: Arkham Asylum, released in 2009, was a treat for Quinn?s fans since the game was a hit. What is most important here in Harley?s character is that she appears without her typical jester suit for the first time. This is a big development from where Harley?s separate wardrobe starts building! 

    Suicide Squad?s Main Member 

    Although it sounds absurd but Harley Quinn was not present in the first three parts of Suicide Squad. Now that you look at her, she is inseparable from Task Force X. The New 52 introduced Harley in a different ensemble with ponytails in black and red, and Daddy Lil Monster t-shirt. Suicide Squad have had two other volumes since this main comic. 

    Funny Harley?

    At the start, she is joined by other extraordinary characters such as Bernie and cyborg Sy Borgman. The series also showcases one of the most iconic break ups between Joker and Harley compared to other mediums and installments. 

    Harley and Ivy, More than Friends 

    From here onwards, something more than just friendship started budding between Poison Ivy and Harley. Both cunning women admitted that what they had between them was more significant than simple friendship between two ladies. Before the series finale, there is a surprising information that Ivy has prepared for her death by making a plant-based clone of herself. 

    To The Big Screens 

    Quinn made her big appearance in 2016 when she starred in David Ayer?s Suicide Squad and made history for the female fans of the fandom. Many critics applauded her Margot Robbie for taking the pressure of such a well-developed character on the screen and providing brilliant work. 

    Heroes in Crisis

    The first issue of the miniseries, it showcased that over a dozen superheroes have been massacred. Harley is heartbroken over the loss of Poison Ivy, and things are not in good shape. But the news of the plant-based clone is a surprise! 

    Black Label?s Take 

    DC Comics Black Label imprint is a new launch and has promised to give space to the premiere talent. Creators will be telling stories of Harley precisely as they want. 

    Unique Animated Series 

    Here, Harley Quinn appears as a pop queen in different versions. She is seen creating magic in the animated series in the multiple new get-ups. The Harley Quinn Jacket are always the center of attention whether she is wearing in the animated series or movies. 

    Leading Birds of Prey 

    Margot Robbie portrays Harley?s role in a brilliant standalone movie! This was a highly anticipated movie for all the fans! One of the most influencing films in the fashion website world is here Harley shines in true colors.?

    Returning to The Suicide Squad 

    Gunn?s The Suicide Squad is coming out soon, and Harley Quinn will be making several appearances! 

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