Understanding Your Car – Oil Change & Engine Oil Replacement

    Engine Oil

    Engine oil is an imperative part of a vehicle. And oil change is one of the basic car maintenance activities. Generally, there is a scheduled time for the car oil change but sometimes you might have to get it changed earlier if the need be so. Not changing the engine oil on time can affect the engine life. The job of the engine oil is to lubricate the engine parts, but over the time the oil gets thinner and no more holds its lubricating power. This is when you need an oil change for your vehicle. 

    Now you need to understand this oil change is not same as adding oil!

    How often should you change car oil?

    The specification of your car oil change depends on the make and model which comes from the manufacturer. The oil change however depends on the two primary factor one is milage and the other is time. Most cars can drive comfortably from 5000 to 10000 miles before an oil change. Sometimes the range might also extend up to 15000 miles depending on the manufacturer. 

    Another point of consideration for oil change service, might be the driving conditions. If you drive under severe conditions or in high temperature there are every possible chance that you might need a premature oil change, then the schedule suggested by the manufactures. And if you drive in such conditions it’s better that you inspect the status of your car oil from time to time, to avoid any engine issue.  

    Oil change can also vary at times depending on the aging of the car. With the age of the car there are chances that the gaskets and seals become porous and dry and allows the oil to leak out. With age the car parts also wear out soon hence in oil change for aging cars matter a lot.

    Choosing the right car oil

    There is no end to automotive products in the market. Given that you might be confused which is the right engine oil for your vehicle. The oil type brand and other details are well mentioned in your car?s user manual. But if you are planning to change the brand you might have a consultation with the oil change service providers, who can guide you through if you are not well equipped with the knowledge about the same. 

    The first thing to understand is that not every oil is meant for every type of motor they are meant to serve different purposes. This is why you need to understand the significance of the viscosity, additives and even the classification codes. If you find thew too critical to understand process you should and must take the help of the service providers alone. 

    You might think why are we stressing on the service providers when a plethora of information, review and even DIY techniques are available on the internet related to oil change and almost all automotive repair work. The reason is nothing but the fact that vehicles are complicated structures and should not be meddled with unless you are completely aware of its details. We have heard it from the experts how the car owners approach them after some DIY technique goes wrong, and this has become a common happening.?

    Off course oil change is one of the most basic and cheap maintenance activities and you can do it yourself. But make sure you have learnt it from an expert and moreover seen someone doing it right in front of you.  

    Synthetic oil vs regular oil

    Before we proceed to which oil is better let us first define the difference. Synthetic motor oil is those which has some added value and have superior quality in terms of lubrication. Whereas regular oil also known as the conventional oil are by products of the crude oil and have no added value to it. 

    What makes the synthetic oil preferable and superior is that it does not break down easily. Due to its special performance additives it does not get affected even when exposed in extreme conditions. This allows the synthetic oil to protect the engine for a longer period as compared to the regular oil. 

    The only drawback regarding synthetic oil is that they are two to three times expensive than the conventional oil. 

    Why is it important to change the car oil?

    • The car oil like any other component of the car has a lifetime after which it cannot fulfill its duty. The car oil with time loses its viscosity and starts to break down. The breaking down of the oil leads the oil to become thicker hence degrading its ability to lubricate the engine parts. 
    • A timely oil change ensure that your vehicle?s fuel efficiency is optimized. As mentioned above over the time the car oil Loses its quality which puts a strain on the engine as a result the fuel consumption gets affected. Not just that any stress on the car engine can affect the overall performance of the vehicle. 

    Is it important to get the car oil service done by the professionals?

    Certainly, car oil change is not so complicated maintenance activity and as already mentioned you can do it yourself as well. But the way professionals do their job is always different and more so perfect. The one reason why you might consider getting the oil change done by the experts is that other components such as the oil filter etc. also gets inspected and the service provider can let you know if you need any further replacement or repair work. Which otherwise might be missed out. 

    Now if you have already picked up you phone and opened the map to check the ?oil change near me? and are planning to for oil change by a professional, we would like to add one more recommendation here. You can consider ZDEGREE for the oil change services in UAE. Whether you are looking for a support in oil change for passenger cars or for commercial fleets they are capable of providing you some of the best automotive services. 

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