High-quality wood Effect Tiles

    wood Effect Tiles

    Have you ever heard of fake wood tiles, wood tiles? Lmitation Wood Boards, Wood Grain Boards is a tile product that uses 3D printing technology, the most advanced 3D advanced to create a sharp, delicate cut wood design equivalent to natural wood at the same time Integrated with Special technologies to improve durability, it increases the ability to resist the effects of weather, humidity, abrasive chemicals that natural wood does not have.

    For a long time, the house was not just a place to live, a place of protection and protection of people against natural agents such as sun, rain, dew, wind. Today’s house is also a place to express an aesthetic opinion: personal beauty or a place to express your ego. Designing a house today is not as simple as designing it before. The increasing demands on home design imply the birth and innovation of a variety of different products. Imitation wood boards, wood look porcelain tiles are a product created to meet the growing needs and requirements of today’s users.

    1. Disadvantages of natural wood and industrial wood.

    ?Natural wood and industrial wood are the two most widely used construction materials on the market. These two materials provide a simple and rustic beauty, but they have disadvantages that affect the durability of the building and affect the investment costs of the owner. What are the disadvantages of natural and industrial wood?

    – The first is a weakness that spreads quickly when faced with high temperatures. This is the most common and worrying environment if you use wood for floors. With the tropical climate like our country, this phenomenon frequently occurs because the spread of wood is quite large. If it is not treated well in the wood processing process, it will lose the aesthetics of the house through that deformation, even causing termites and screams between the two boards, which will affect the health of the users.

    – The second is the lack of durability of the wood. Most types of wood have high strength and durability, so they are easily damaged by moving furniture or throwing things on the floor or hitting walls.

    – The third is difficult to clean and maintain. In fact, with the natural surface of the wood, cleaning is tough. Chemicals should not be used for natural wood surfaces, as they will blur the wood lines, but if they are commonly used, it is difficult to clean dirt from the floor.

    – Fourth, with laminate flooring, the expandability is less than natural wood flooring. Still, after use it is easy to scream due to friction between two pieces of wood, causing lifetime problems. 

     Due to an understanding of the above disadvantages of natural wood, industrial wood, brick producers, especially Italian brick producers, have researched and produced a complete alternative material. For natural wood, it is fake wood brick. Imitation wood boards preserve the beauty of natural wood and superior durability, enhancing the life of buildings.

    2. The advantages of fake wood tiles, wood grain tiles

     Imitation wood planks, wood grain planks are ceramic tiles reproduced in natural wood, applying advanced production technologies, perfectly simulating wood grain, so as not to overlap between the bricks tiles together. The bricks’ characteristics will completely eliminate the defects of the wood: the resistance will increase by compressing the material at high temperatures. You will no longer have to worry about thermal expansion or water absorption in the wood. Cleaning and maintenance are also easy, with the use of anti-impact materials. Now you can use a regular wood grain floor detergent in a comfortable way.

     Imitation Wood Tiles are the perfect combination of ceramic tile and laminate flooring. Through this combination, faux wood boards can overcome all the disadvantages of natural wood flooring or laminate flooring, while promoting their strengths and preserving the beauty of the wood grain. Certainly, this will be the perfect choice for a modern home, which goes beyond exploitation to exploitation, destruction of environmental resources.

     Beautiful wheat wood look polished glazed porcelain tiles were born to preserve the beauty of wood grains without damaging the forest. With Italian wood grain boards manufactured following European standards, it is safe for users’ health and ecology. This is the perfect choice for all spaces in the house, both indoors and outdoors.

     – About quality

     Woodgrain boards are pressed with stone powder with glue, the ability to absorb water is almost nil, so the phenomenon of mold, deformation and expansion is not available. The resistance and rolling capacity of the fake wood boards are also high due to the highly compressed stone dust particles, combined with other adhesives, improving the service life and impact resistance of all kinds of weather.

     High-quality imitation wood tiles are made with an excellent machined surface, scratches, mold and termites. They are non-slip and waterproof, so they can be used for many different spaces, including room spaces. The bathroom is often in contact with water. At the same time, the ability to withstand hanging, does not blow the color of fake wooden boards, makes cleaning and cleaning easy. You can easily use a mild detergent to clean fake wood floors in each area

    – About colors

     Constantly developing to meet users’ needs, manufacturers of imitation wood boards enhance their products with different dark colors, faithfully reproducing the surface of natural wood. High-quality faux wood board samples, especially Italian imported fake wood bricks, are challenging to differentiate from natural wood, if used only with the naked eye, due to the more delicate colors and textures. Brown colors have different colors, but fake bricks are produced in many different colors, such as black, gray, and white, so that users can diversify their options. But overall, each color further expresses the beauty of natural wood, helping users choose fake wood boards as immersed in nature, safe for users and environmentally friendly.

     – About the price

     In India, high-quality synthetic wood bricks can be much more expensive than natural wood, however, due to their waterproof properties, they do not fade, distort or warp, ensuring aesthetics according to use of time. Therefore you only need to invest once initially so you can use it a lot in the future. Unlike natural or industrial wood, the service life is limited and after about 10, 15 years, it will require repairs, costly replacement, and the life of wood grains can be 30 years or even. Lice are permanent with high-quality brick products. Don’t hesitate to ask yourself “how many fake wood planks,” but later on, the long term benefits of high-quality fake wood planks. As for European countries, natural wood is a relatively expensive material, so the use of fake wood boards will save much higher costs.

     3. How to choose wooden boards for each space

     High-quality wood grain boards, as well as many other types of tiles, have many colors, sizes and surfaces so that customers can have more options, so, depending on the area, each area in which you chose the line of suitable products and has the best way to forge beautiful wooden boards.

    – With living space

     The living room is the front of the house, the center of the house, so it is essential to pay attention to the tiles’ selection so that the room expresses elegance and modernity without losing comfort for indoor air. Woodgrain boards for the living room should ensure harmony and sophistication with interior furniture. They should use light-colored wooden boards to make the room modern, not too shady. You should choose tiles 8-12mm thick with the size of the 60x60cm imitation wood tile. If the living room is more extensive, you can select larger dishes.

     However, the wood grain boards to show authenticity, the most similar to the most natural, are often designed with the most geometric dimensions, such as 15 ? 90cm fake wood bricks, 15 ? 80 artificial wood bricks cm, fake wood bricks. 15 ? 60 cm is the smallest size, in addition to the large dimensions, such as 15 ? 120 cm fake wood bricks, 20 ? 120 cm fake wood bricks, and 30 ? 120 cm fake wood bricks. 60 ? 120 50 ? 50 60 ? 60 cm Brick sizes are also products for the wood board however, this size is only suitable for the wood board, not for grain brick wood. Sorting will work best with wood grains.

    – With bedroom space

     The bedroom is a private space, and it plays an important role. The bedroom offers relaxation, so choose an elegant and relaxing color. Although you can choose any color that the owner likes, you should not use too hot colors, users will feel uncomfortable when they are in the room. The golden-brown of the wood is an ideal option for this living space to express warmth and relaxation. Also, relaxing creamy buds are also used for small rooms. 15 ? 60cm wood grain boards can be used for the bedroom space with sole panels and fish boards for the most impressive area.

     – With kitchen space

     This is not only a travel area, but also an often greasy area, as water and grease can spread across the floor. Therefore, you should not counterfeit to rough wooden boards, the use of too thick surfaces makes cleaning difficult. However, don’t choose a shiny surface that is easy to put on when it’s greasy. You should use fake tiles with neutral, dark brown colors to make the space more comfortable, creating a good feel for every table.

     – With space for the bathroom.

     The bathroom also has many requirements for choosing tiles. However, with premium, colorless, non-slip Italian wheat dishes, you can fully use them for the bathroom. With this space, the appropriate wood grain pattern is a light-colored wood pattern. Depending on the bathroom’s size, there are different size options for the tiles to create the most harmonious space. The high-quality wooden boards used in the bathroom will bring a new space that natural wood cannot do.

     – With outdoor space

     If natural wood cannot be used for outdoor spaces due to the effects of sun and rain, fake outdoor wood planks will oppose it. Exterior imitation wood tiles are used for outdoor areas such as gardens, facades … it is a way to increase proximity to nature. 60x60cm Wood Grain Boards, 50x50cm Wood Tiles will be an ideal choice when you tangle up individual steps in the garden. Whether the outdoor wallboard or the garden board for the garden, 15 ? 80 15 ? 60cm wooden boards, is the ideal choice to ensure rolling ability. The beauty of the rectangular brick pattern will be authentic and delicate much more than square wooden boards.

    With many wood grain models, you have more flexibility to create a perfect space. With different sizes and colors, you can have several options to better fit your space.

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