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Cloud Solutions Architect

what does the cloud solutions architect actually do I am an enterprise cloud architect working at AWS but when I mentioned that in a dinner party all I get is blank stares  even my wife of 10 years think cloud is  something that exists only in weather  reports let’s demystify this right here  right now so I’ll give you two different  versions one version is for friends and  family who has no idea what cloud is and another version is for the folks who has  basic idea about cloud and thinking about switching their Kenya to cloud or  maybe thinking about becoming a cloud  solutions architect themselves on top of  that we are going to go over.

what is the  output from cloud solutions architects and we will check some myths about cloud  solutions architects alright let’s get  to it so let’s start with definition of  architect a person who designs buildings and in many cases also supervises their construction and now let’s see what  cloud is nope not this kind so cloud computing solution is the on-demand delivery of  compute power database storage applications and other IT resources via  the internet with pay-as-you-go pricing  one real-life example similar to this is  electricity when you need it  you flip the switch and then you use it  once you are done you just flip the  switch off and that’s it you don’t need  to know how the electricity is being  generated and you pay as you use now  let’s apply the principle to personal computing.

let’s say you do lot of  intense graphical work in your computer  with cloud you can just use a very  powerful machine from the cloud make  your cat videos  and then switch it off and you just pay  for the time you use it so now if we go  one level higher from your personal  computer to an enterprise company the  complexity is much more they have  what you call a server which you can  think of a very powerful and bigger  version of your laptops there are way  more software and hardware in it and all  the servers are kept in a building  called data centre and the company has  to manage the cooling the electric bill all the connection to the server’s all  the security everything so it’s a lot of money and over it now the company can  move out of the data centre and move everything to cloud.

This overhead and in the process save a lot of money however if we want to move all that complex software and hardware  to the cloud we need someone to create a  blueprint of how things should be built  how they communicate with each other how  do you secure it Tara  hence the cloud architect once the  blueprint is made developers can come in  and start building the pieces just like  your house so this is the friend and  family version folks now let’s take a look at the core tasks of cloud  architect for cloud our folks cloud  architects analyse current technology  stack and gather requirements and create  design in cloud using appropriate AWS  services they have knowledge of hybrid  ecosystem best practices pros and cons  of different services why do you have to  know hybrid ecosystem because it takes  time for big enterprises to move from data centre to cloud so till they move  hundred percent to cloud you have to  know how to design architecture using both component  from data centre and cloud our  architects have breadth of knowledge  they know little about a lot of stuff  and knows a lot about few stuff I  highlighted this because this is one of  the critical quality of a good cloud  architect you have to have general idea  about all the services in AWS however it  is impossible to know deep into each one  so you will design based on the general  knowledge and then dive deep on certain  areas based on the requirement a cloud  architect can adjust design based on  organization priority what do I mean by  that so there are different pillars of  cloud architecture operational  excellence security reliability performance efficiency cost optimization  time to migration etc. 

Cloud Computing Architecture: Front-end & Back-end

So based on the  priority of the organization the design  will change so one of the most important  quality in cloud architect is soft  skills because you have to articulate  the design to CXOs as well as dev leads  you have to have both elevator pitch and  deeper dive ready and you have to drive  consensus this next one is a must-have  in a cloud architect you have to inspire  people even though you are an individual  contributor if you think about it  resources kind of has to listen to their  manager because at the end of the year  manager does their review but architect  needs to get help from those resources  by earning trust and demonstrating  knowledge again going back to the soft. 

Skills architect has to conduct one to feel and one to many training sessions on AWS services and designs so if you’re coming from the deep technical background you probably have this number one and number two however you have to do some work on the soft skills and this training session now this slide is pretty but I wanted to give you guys an accurate idea and this is from my actual experience so I did not Google this stuff so here are some sample cushions and sample outputs from the architect so? I’m not going to read all of this but as you can see some sample questions are what does the application do current?technology stack sizes of one print servers etc.

Cloud Computing Tutorial for Beginners

?Some sample outputs are design diagram and design document should we use ec2 several layers or container how does the cost and time? DevOps strategy etc now that we understand core tasks of cloud architect and some of the outputs they produce let’s look at some of the myths I got my? AWS solutions architect associate hence? I am a cloud architect so the questions that you have to ask yourself is how do?you design systems in the previous role can you explain your ideas to a wide variety of people again if you are coming from?deep technical background this is the area that you are probably going to need?the most amount of work so another question to ask yourself is what do you like to do more architecting developing system.

Creating automation so the next meter is easiest way to transition to cloud is being an  architect well it depends let’s say you  are a solo architect with no other  architects help and you have never  architected a project in cloud before so  that’s a lot of stress on you for some  projects they need help on specialized  areas let’s say security and you already  know a lot about security so that would  be little easier and it always depends  on time line of migration and  criticality of the app one tip I have is  if you know about automation DevOps  architect is of high demand currently  that might be a smoother entry point it  is easier to transition to  cloud with current role if you are on  promoter  you can become cloud Java developer  easily because Java is Java at the end  of the day all you need to learn is how  to test and run your code income myth  number three being a cloud architect is  super cool yep so is every other role in  cloud start building and switch your career.

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