How are high-quality imitation wood tiles worthful for Kitchen & Bathroom?

    worthful for Kitchen

    High-quality imitation wood is an alternative to hardwood, but how good is it? If you’re considering this option for your flooring project, you’re probably asking yourself this question. To get the answer, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of how to find the right type of tiles and choose the best brand. Read the article below to decide whether to choose fake wood or not!

    1. What are the advantages of fake wood tiles?

    The useful life of the tile is high.

    Tiles floors will look like new years. For what? Since the stains are not easily stained, your pet will not get hurt, and children who play on it will not cause noticeable wear. By comparing the hardness of fake parquet and hardwood tiles, you can see why tiles are more like wood than natural wood if you have an active home. Also, durability due to its ability to resist damage is always better than hiding damage through adaptation.

    Tiles floors can be durable, but that doesn’t mean you don’t care about their strength in extreme conditions. The fall of a heavy object on it can be disastrous; the risk of breaking your floor, this damage is not easy to overcome, like hardwood.

    • You can install tiles anywhere.

    The tiles are waterproof, which means they can be installed anywhere in your home. From the kitchen, bathroom, living room to the basement, there are no restrictions.

    Moisture will not rot like hardwood floors. If you want a waterproof tile floor, you may need to go for the highest quality fake tiles. Porcelain stoneware resists humidity better than ceramic tiles. The tiles can be installed without an additional layer such as plywood. It adheres easily to cement, unlike other types of flooring, saving the cost of installing an extra layer. You just need to make sure that the cement base is not cracked. It should also be an even level if you don’t want a piece of tile floor with raised parts.

    • Organic products

    Imitation wood tiles are made from eco-friendly materials like sand and clay. Also, discarded tiles can be recycled. The tiles fragments can crush to become useful raw materials for paving and a variety of other uses. High temperatures are also involved in tiles making. As a result, volatile compounds cannot exist in the final product. This means that fake large format porcelain slab will be free of harmful VOCs, making it safe for you and the environment.

    •  Many options for clients

    The variety of options in wood PGVT tile flooring is incredible. You can get almost any colour or shade. Woodgrain patterns are also available. All this at no additional cost.

    Plus, you can have your tile styles at your production site, where you can choose your favourite colours and patterns. It will cost you more money, but it will allow you to take advantage of your creativity. You will have your design, not a predefined one. The size you choose for the tiles is also plentiful, allowing you to recreate fake hardwood tiles in a way closer to the real thing.

    •  Ideal if you have a pet

    Using high-quality fake tiles is a plus if you have pets. Will not scratch or stain like hardwood floors. You can let the dogs run on the floor regardless of their size without worrying about damaging the floor surface.

    Although tile floors are more scratch-resistant than many other floors, it can be uncomfortable for pets. The floors can be completely cold and hard, so there must be fake wood tiles. This can cause discomfort to your pet, especially if he spends most of his time indoors. However, you can avoid trouble by investing in a comfortable bed.

    Then you can teach your pet to lie on it instead of on the cold tile floor. To prevent hair or pet marks from appearing on tiles, choose light-coloured patterns. Dark colours show more traces of pets or fur than light colours.

    •  Economic selection

    Compared to hardwood, premium hardwood floors come in many styles to choose from and at a lower price. The same goes for colours, which do not affect the price of the tiles. You can have floors with exotic wood grain-like mahogany, but only for a fraction of the cost of natural wood. Modern technology has made it possible to produce tiles that look like hardwood. This means having a more elegant apartment without spending a lot of money and effort to get it. Wood-look tiles also give you a reasonably durable floor at an affordable price. Compared to what you would pay for a parquet floor of the same strength, tiles are a cheaper option.

    2. What are the disadvantages of fake wood shingles?

    The tile is not without disadvantages:

    • It can cause leg pain with a long position

    When installed in an area where people can spend long hours on their feet, tiles can be uncomfortable. The tiles floor has no bumps or sags so that it can hurt your feet. Therefore, covering your kitchen floor with tiles may not be the best option. However, you may be drawn to the many benefits of high-quality faux wood tile and keep installing it. If this happens, spread a soft mat in your area for several hours. Do this to protect your legs. It also keeps you comfortable by avoiding fatigue and pain.

    • Complex installation

    Unlike other types of flooring, which can be DIY projects, tile floors require an installation specialist. Arranging tiles to create a wood look or pattern can also be tricky. Mixing shades for a realistic look can also be difficult if you are inexperienced. Without installation skills, minor problems with substrates like cracks also lead to uneven floors. However, failure to adequately waterproof the base can create mould and damage the mortar. An expert will install a good wood-clad fake tiles house to ensure the installation is correct after preparing the proper foundation.

    3. How to choose quality imitation wood tiles?

    There is a lot to look for when buying tiles. You want a floor that is affordable, durable, eco-friendly, versatile, etc. Here are the properties to consider:

    • Quality certification

    Certified tiles mean quality assurance and safe tiles products. Agencies establish guidelines and rules that tiles makers must follow when making and installing flooring. Make sure the high-quality fake tiles you choose have the certification mark of an accredited agency.

    • Image quality

    The patterns and shades on the fake wood tiles are digitally printed. Sharp, sharp images to recreate more realistic hardwood floors show quality flooring. Choose only tiles that have the same colour and pattern as the hardest wood.

    •  Edge sanding

    This means that the tiles have been verified for defects such as deformations or irregularities. They also come with well-finished edges to complement the best grout lines. You must choose this type of mosaic around the edges.

    4. Caring for the fake wood floor, how?

    Imitation wood tiles look after them with no problem, just use a broom for daily cleaning. Use a steam mop or microfiber to clean the floor surface thoroughly. This will keep your 20×120 synthetic wood floor dust-free. While tiles will resist more detergents, a lighter type is recommended. Or you can use warm soapy water. Remember that the mortar also contains powder, so remember to clean it daily.


    The advantages of high-end parquet tiles are numerous. Suitable for high traffic areas as it has the anti-scratch function. If you have children or pets, tiles are a great option. Imitation wood tiles are also easy to clean and safe for your health. If you are allergic, tiles are a safe option for your home!


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