7 Best Harry Potter Font Generator Websites

Harry Potter is not just a movie. It is not simply a book. Harry Potter is an emotion.

At the famous Hogwarts School of Magic, J.K. Rowling gave birth to the disparate crew of occult witches & wizards that taught us some lifelong lessons about friendship, love, bravery, and much more. This story started with the mysterious alchemic stone in Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s Stone and ended on a high note with the protagonist Harry Potter destroying the Horcruxes. A seven-book series followed by an eight movie-long series that kept all of us at the edge of our seats in excitement and wonder. Truly a remarkable existence.

Harry Potter is a clever series composed by the British creator J. K. Rowling. The book recounts the experience story of youthful wizard Harry Potter with his companions at black magic and wizardry school.

The love for the Harry Potter series gave birth to another level of fan following popularly known as ‘Potterheads’ which soon had a cult-like status. Various text styles were utilized on the Harry Potter book covers, its section, and title. 

Fonts add power, or in this case magic, to the word they are applied on. There are many times when a simple font just won’t cut it. Did you ever want to change fonts in Whatsapp? You can also change your device theme on the Android Operating System. All of this would be possible when you have CrunchyTricks up your sleeve to alter your normal font into something magical.

The lettering and font style used for the book title is the same as Hocus Pocus’s typeface, which comes in four types, each with a complete person set. Concerning the part titles and page numbers, a text style called Able by Marcus Burlile takes after their lettering. The penmanship of Rubeus Hagrid takes after Felt Tip Roman by Mark Simonson. All referenced above are textual business styles, and you can search for the typefaces and buy them.

For all the font lovers, aka. Typophiles, get ready to be stupefied because some amazing websites have Harry Potter fonts for free!

Harry Potter novels hold a special place in every Typophile’s heart. J. K. Rowling did an amazing job with the writing, composition, and capturing the minds of every fanatic of the HP verse. Here’s to the true fans of the young wizard, who would die to get their hands on the “real” harry potter fonts. So, welcome aboard on the virtual Hogwarts Express because I am taking you on a magical Harry Potter “font” ride. 

There is more than one textual style in the Harry Potter universe. Since the principal novel was published in 1997. In any case, one of them has beaten any remaining textual techniques: the one with the unmistakable lightning bolt “P.” 

This article provides several alternatives to the original fonts, as they are not free of cost. 

Note: We have checked the commercial availability of all fonts, but we cannot warrant this. To avoid plagiarism, check out the license information and messages on the website you are downloading the font from.

1. Fontmeme.com

The first website on our list is font meme. The user interface of this website is much friendly. It is not too much on the technical side and, thus, is easily accessible even for unserious users. It provides a basic setting for choosing the font type, color, and size and generates the desired word.

Mind-boggling fonts were used on the Harry Potter book covers, for its chapter title and throughout the magical, adventurous pages of the books. The lettering used for the book cover caught every wizard’s attention and muggles, which is very similar to a typeface called Hocus Pocus, which comes in four styles and a complete character set. fontmeme.com has fonts of various types and alternatives used on the book cover of Harry Potter. 

Harry Potter Font – Harry Potter Font Generator

2. Lumos font

Lumos is the enchantment of the illumination charm. A spell that creates fireworks? AWESOME!!! The infamous Lumos Font, designed by Sarah McFalls, was spelled to look the way it does. In one of her interviews, she said, “I was inspired by the chapter heading of the Harry Potter novels.” This font is quite similar to the hocus P font used on the cover page. 

Lumos Font · 1001 Fonts

3. Dumbledor

Don’t we all agree with Kingsley Shackleboltwhen he says, “Dumbledore’s got style.” Well, even the font does! Inspired by fantasy and gothic themes, this font catches the eye of every Dumbledore fan. This font family by Gem Fonts comprises many typefaces, varying from thin, italics, wide, shadow, and much more. 

Dumbledor Font Family · 1001 Fonts

4. Dafont.com

Every font lover and Photoshop user knows that dafont has every type of font one needs. 

Harry Potter, written in the Harry Potter font style by Phoenix Fonts, is available for free. 

Harry P Font | dafont.com

5. Freefontsvault.com

With the magical outlook one abodes, the Harry Potter fonts are free to download here. Harry Potter font provided by this website is free to use and download but only for personal use. Using the fonts for commercial purposes has been strictly restricted. 

Other than harry potter font, there are various font styles available here:

  • Parry Hotter
  • InkPot
  • Magic School 

Free Fonts Vault: Download Most Popular Free Fonts

6. Fontspace.com

It may be taken more as a social platform for font generation rather than a website. On this website, various users post various Harry Potter or other fonts created by them, which you can access and use for free. Thus, this website is not too dynamic.

Font’s space provides you with a collection of Harry Potter fonts. The FontSpace website has a wide range of fonts that mimic the Wizarding World of Hogwarts style. These fonts can be added to your collection in your account on font space, or you can also download these fonts for later use. Preview of all the fonts helps you identify which font would best suit your needs.

  • Animales Fantastic
  • Parseltongue
  • Kogapunk

Fontspace is the space of most creative fonts from the Harry Potter universe. From basic Harry Potter by Fontomen to LMS The Sorcerer’s Font by London’s Letters, they got everything that the HP Universe beholds! 

With almost 28 fonts, this is my favorite website, as it brings out the quirky side of myself. 

Free Fonts Vault: Download Most Popular Free Fonts

7. Template.net

The book cover font of Harry Potter resembles the typeface Hocus Pocus. The font used in its chapter titles and page numbers is the Able font, and the handwriting of Rubeus Hagrid resembles Felt Tip Roman. All these are commercial fonts, but these have free alternatives which are easily available on this website. 

Harry Potter and the Dingbat Fonts Kingthings Willow

14+ Free Harry Potter Fonts – TTF, OTF | Free & Premium Templates

Although some of the fonts mentioned above are not free of cost, there are free options in contrast to them. You can utilize Harry P by Phoenix Fonts, all things being equal; Lumos is additionally beautiful comparative for section titles. For the Hagrid lettering, a text style called Hagrid was made to copy the lettering. You can follow the links provided to download them for nothing. Note that these free textual styles might not be expertly planned or with a short set, yet they are Ok for individual ventures or fun purposes.


These are the seven best sources to get Harry Potter fonts on our desired text for free on the web. Apart from these, we can even purchase some if we want to. If you are a die-hard fan of Harry Potter, then you should surely check out these font generators and have a glimpse of magic at your fingertips as well.

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