Hidden Windows 7 Secrets Which You Aren’t Aware Of

Most of the users don’t know about these secret features!

Most Windows users have switched to Windows 8.1, although Windows 7 is still a major user base. They are around 3/4 of a billion individuals, to be precise. We all know that Windows 7 is an enormous milestone for Microsoft, and since it was such a complex OS, it does not formally appear in the paper but blows you away when you discover that it already exists. If you enjoyed reading this article, head over at (https://amtricks.com/) to read more about the latest in tech. We have the best tech related news on our website. There are many features of Windows 7 that are relatively unknown. This list of ten features in Windows 7, which only a few users are aware of, has also been created. Explore them with enjoyment and let us know what you think about them.

1. God Mode

It sounds like a gaming cheat, but we guarantee you that it is completely legitimate. Do you not feel like a God if you have a single button in charge of all adjustable parameters on Windows? Create and rename a new folder everywhere:


This folder currently has 270 articles, addressing every customizable Windows 7 option (works for Windows 8.1).

2. Open Windows Playing

Some of the most helpful features are inadvertently found by most Windows 7 users if they use it long enough. Like the handy improved taskbar where you can float over program icon(s) and view a tiny graphic thumbnail from the real application window without opening it, 

This substantially improves the speed at which you can find the program to launch. However, many may not realize that the improved taskbar also has several intriguing keyboard shortcuts:

● Pressing Shift starts a new instance before the icon is clicked, even with already opened windows.

● Shift+Ctrl holding accomplishes the same, except that with the administrator rights, the new instance opens!

● Ctrl holds the window instance you most recently used in an open windows group before clicking on an icon.

3. Reliability Monitor

It’s time to discover what is going on there when your system behaves strangely. Search for ‘trustworthiness’ in the Start menu and open ‘To view trustworthiness history’ This feature presents a graph of the stability index for a given period of days or weeks on a scale of 1-10. You can then determine which software or Windows component is being messed up.

4. Beyond Your Desktop Searching

Windows Explorer provides an integrated search engine to search for files, documents, and more on your computer. But, did you know that by establishing search connections, You may expand your Windows Explorer to Web sources?

You need the search connector to download and install for any OpenSearch-compatible server. This is sometimes referred to as a “federated search.” You may google for Windows 7 or SharePoint Server search connections – and get the OSDX file. When you execute the.osdx file, Windows 7 will add a search connector to your system by requesting permission.

You can notice the search connector in the left navigation pane once installed and start the Windows Explorer. Select it, and you will now query that connection directly in your search box. Select one of the results and view the preview window of the website.

Many have already found the beauty of search connections and religiously utilize them in their Windows 7 installation. Still, many people’s lives have been unaware that Windows 7 can enhance Windows Explorer’s search functionality in this way.

5. Problem Steps Recorder

Here is your method if you need somebody remotely to help you, but you don’t have remote access. Just search and run the Start menu for “psr.” Once you select the “Start Record,” all actions will be recorded by a screen panel while adding automated captions. Once the recording is complete, all the collected data will be combined and stored in a pre-zipped and ready-to-attach web browser-compatible MHTML (MIME HTML) file.

6. Support for WordPad file

The old WordPad was slightly limited when accessing non-RTF and TXT files. However, you don’t have to open this WordPad with ODT or DOCX files. The only drawback? With all the fancy formatting stuff, it doesn’t function too well. On the positive side, without installing their parent programs, you get to deal with files.

7. Pin the Taskbar folders

We all know how to pin programs to the taskbar. Here’s how you may keep the folders near you. Drag and release the button onto vacant space on a taskbar once a “Pin to Windows Explorer” appears. You will have access to the folder through Jump List any time you right-click the Windows Explorer icon now.

8. Hotkey a window between screens

Hold on the Windows key, hit the right and left arrows, and anchor your current window in the direction you have pushed. This is done on whatever monitor you have, and the current window jumps to the second monitor if you use Windows *Shift +Right/Left Arrow key. This is a straightforward approach to access several windows and monitors without any drag-and-drop click.

9. Calculator improved

Let’s look at the computer Windows 7, are we supposed to? Tap the View menu, and you will know that there are many powerful integrated features in this calculator; unit conversion, mortgage calculation, date calculations, fuel mileage, and more. It is going to retain a tale as long as you open it.

10. Wipe space free disc

The space that you take up is tagged “for use” if you remove something in Windows. The lost files are nevertheless still restored if you employ the correct program till further data is overwritten. Prompt and type Open Command:

/w:x cypher

Replace X with the disc or partition letter that you want to wipe off.

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