How Flickr Can Grab Audience Attention On Photography Sites

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If you are a photographer or running a photography website and want to draw more audience to your website, we have an effective idea – embed Flickr feeds on your website. Want to know how? Read this blog till the end different ways to add Flickr feed on the website.

Launched in 2004, Flickr is an amazing photo-sharing platform and social network that allows users to share visual-based content. We all know the impact of images in this world of digital media, and it not only draws people’s attention but also helps you express yourself in a better manner.

While you are in the photography industry, your life must be evolving around images and different ideas to click on or strategies to showcase your skill to the world. Flickr can assist you in grabbing a large audience within the platform and boost your reach. By embedding Flickr feed on the website, you can grab a larger audience and showcase your talent to the visitors who visit your website. After all, it is essential to showcase the items before selling them.

Embedding Flickr feeds on the website is an easy task. Still, social media aggregators make it easier, and in addition, it provides various other features that add significant value to this strategy. 

What are social media aggregators?

Social media aggregators are amazing tools that help you collect social media feeds from various social media platforms, allowing you to curate and customize them before displaying them on your website. They provide you with a dedicated Flickr widget that helps you display Flickr feed on your website without any hassle.

You can easily find these tools on the internet and operate them if you belong to a non-technical background.

While the internet can provide you with various social media tools, for your convenience, we are mentioning the 3 best tools that you can use to amplify the performance of your website and showcase your photography talent.

Best Tools That Helps You To Embed Flickr Feed On The Website

We all know the impact that visuals can have on the viewers. And since you are already in the photography business, it becomes essential for you to showcase your work and projects to your audience, as they can be your upcoming clients. And with these tools, you can easily display images from your Flickr.

1. Tagembed

What does one look for in a marketing tool – a good return on investment? Budget-friendly prices? More than one benefit? – Tagembed has it all. It is one of the most popular social media aggregator tools that help you collect social feeds from various social media platforms and display them on your website. It provides you with a Flick widget that helps you to collect and embed Flickr albums on websites.

It provides you with the option to customize your widget, as you can change the font size, font color, themes, and layout for the widget, etc., to add more charm to your widget and eventually add more professionalism to your website. Because creating a good impression is important to attain more customers and draw the audience’s attention. 

Using the moderation feature, you can even decide what photographs from your Flickr collection you want to show and what you want to hide. In simple words, you have full control over your feed. 

The feed is 100% responsive, so it does not matter if your visitor uses mobile, PC, or tab. The charm of your feed remains the same, as the feed adjusts itself according to the screen size. Therefore, there is no need to change the display setting as per different device settings.

While we talk about automation, it is important to mention that the widget automatically updates the feed, which means as soon as you upload your work on the platform, your feed on the website will display the name.

Talking about the pricing – it provides a Free Forever plan and hence suits every marketing budget.

2. SociableKIT

SociableKIT is one of the most trusted social media aggregators, as it has a huge customer portfolio, which consists of some huge brands worldwide. The tool allows you to embed Flickr feeds on the website.

It even allows you to add multiple albums to your website and display most of your photography work to your visitors.

3. Elfsight

Elfsight is another amazing tool that helps you in collecting and displaying social media feeds on the website. You can use this tool to embed Flickr feed on your website to add vibrancy to your website.

Your photographs are proof of your skill and talent. Therefore, it is necessary to show your skillset to your audience to your website visitors. It eventually helps you attain more customers. And for that, you need a smooth and hassle-free embedding process, and Elfsight provides you with that. Moreover, you can also amplify the visuals of your website by using trendy layouts such as Grid, Masonry, List, Slider, and more.


While you are running a photography business, it is essential to showcase your work to the world so that it helps you in attracting a larger audience, as Flickr helps you gather more audience from the platform. Embedding Flickr feeds on the website helps you provide proof of your skills and attract people to your website, and it eventually helps build a customer base and achieve your business goals.

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