What is 5D Diamond Painting? The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide

    5d diamond painting

    The word- Diamond painting is not that novel now. The people who are associated with arts and crafts disciplines must be well acquainted with this art form.

    Also because of its therapeutic benefits such as, reducing stress and anxiety, increasing mental focus & developing motor skills, diamond painting has become a popular trend in the whole world.

    But what about other people who are not linked with the Art field or somehow missed this trend? Or the people who know about this art but do not know how to perform?

    Don’t worry! For all these ‘left-out’ people, we have designed a 5D Diamond painting Beginners Guide. Read the complete blog to be a Pro in Diamond Painting.

    Let’s start with the basics.

    What is 5D Diamond Painting? How is it different from Regular Painting?

    In Simple terms, Diamond Painting is a form of mosaic art where the Painting is made by attaching tiny diamonds, also known as Crystals, Beads, or Rhinestones on an adhesive color-coded canvas. The end result is a sparkling picture!

    There are some basic differences between Regular Painting Diamond Painting. In Regular Painting, we use the color, which does not give 3D or 5D effects. While in Diamond Painting, we use the beads or Diamond in place of colors, which provide 3D/5D effects. Usually, Regular Painting takes less time to complete than the Diamond painting.

    What is 5D Diamond Painting?

    When we use the Sparkling Beads/Diamond with 5 facets on each side, the Painting is called the 5D Diamond Painting. The 5D Diamond Painting has a total of 15 facets.

    Diamond Painting Steps for Beginners

    1. Choose a Clean, Comfortable Workplace

    The first step before beginning the Diamond painting is choosing the right place. Remember that 5D Diamond Painting is a time-consuming task and will require hours to finish.

    So you must choose a place that is comfortable enough for a long hour sitting and can accommodate all those tools and materials that are necessary for the 5D Diamond painting.

    2. Arrange the Diamond Painting Kit in the Right Order

    The Diamond Painting kit contains a lot of things such as printed canvas, DMC based diamonds/drills, a user manual, color-coded canvas, holding tray, wax or glue, a stylus and tweezers. Some kits also offer bags to store the open diamonds.

    You must systematically arrange all these tools so that they do not intersect while using them. Sort out the different diamonds in different trays.

    3. Understand the Canvas Color Codes

    Every Diamond Painting canvas is divided into a few color-codes. We are supposed to stick the different diamonds based on those colors.

    Understanding the color codes will certainly help us in assuming the Painting and visualize the final result.

    A good understanding of symbols will also help us make Painting better and quicker.

    4. Carefully Uncover the Canvas

    Once you have laid out the diamonds in the tray and arranged the other tools, peel back the protective film from the canvas, carefully.

    Also, remember that you don’t uncover the whole film at a time. Remove it as you progress. The reason is, if you remove the entire peel in a single attempt, the glue will dry up by the time you reach the last part.

    5. Attach the Diamonds

    Once you arrange the kit, Peel the canvas, and sort out the diamonds, the real painting task begins. Attaching the diamonds is a tough task. But if you follow the right method, it is a smooth process.

    Select any particular color diamonds. Dip the pen in the wax tub and fill the nibble. Apply little pressure to the pen-head, so it holds the diamond. Then, slowly lift the Diamond.

    Slowly put the diamond at the designated place, making sure that it fits perfectly at its spot and does not hurt the adjacent diamonds.

    Continue this process until you attach the very last diamond. Don’t complete the whole Painting in a single sitting. Take a rest and coffee breaks whenever you feel exhausted.

    6. Frame the Painting & Gift to your Loved Ones

    After spending long hours and putting all the effort, you have done the Job. Wrap the Painting in a beautiful frame. You can hang this in your drawing-room or even give it to your loved ones. After all, everyone loves handmade gifts more than the bought ones. Don’t we?

    What is Diamond Kit?

    The diamond kit is nothing but a package that comprises all the essential tools and materials needed for the Diamond Painting. The most Diamond Painting Kit contains the following:

    1. Color-coded printed canvas,
    2. DMC based diamonds/drills,
    3. A user manual,
    4. Holding tray,
    5. Wax or glue,
    6. A stylus or Tweezers, and
    7. Begs to store open Diamonds

    Few More 5D Diamond Painting Tips For Beginners

    1) Don’t forget to flatten the canvas before you start painting. Remove every crease. If required, sandwich the canvas paper between a pair of thick books for an hour before you roll out.

    2) Choose an even surface for the Diamond painting. You can use your study table. Even the right size cutting board will work. Also, the place should be large enough to hold everything.

    3) Use an ice cube tray or jewelry box for diamond sorting. This will keep the diamonds separated and save them from getting mixed up.

    4) You can even use an LED light pad to get better visibility.

    5) Rub the wet towel on the area that starts to lose the glue. This will help the canvas to retain the stickiness. 

    6) If you are a beginner, the Multi-Diamond applicator would be a better choice. Attaching hundreds or thousands of diamonds one-by-one is not an easy job. By using a Multi-Diamond applicator, you can make the task a little easier.

    7) Tag a sample diamond next to its color-code so that you don’t have to verify the color-code every time.

    8) Always use the tweezers to pull out the poorly placed diamond or move it to the right position. Avoid using your hands.

    9) Take enough rest during the Painting. Diamond painting is a lengthy task and may require a few hours to complete. Continually sitting will not only spoil your Painting but also harm your health.

    10) Once you are done with the painting job, keep the Painting under the bed for a day to ensure that each diamond clings well to the canvas.

    We hope these Diamond Painting tips will satisfy all your doubts and queries related to the Painting. As we said, Diamond Painting is not difficult if you stick to the procedure.

    We hope you are now ready for your first craft! Good Luck!

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