Points to Remember before Uber for Painters App Development

uber for painters app development

Uber denotes services that are convenient and comfortable on a whole for the customers. With the inception of Uber in 2009, the service industry, on a whole, witnessed a transformational and paradigm shift in the way it provided its services to the customers. The inception of Uber for Painters also led to new service providers like the Uber for X coming into the picture.

Uber for X ? About

The Uber for X is a solution where X stands for infinite number of services that the industry wishes to provide to its customers.

It all the more assists the new businesses and the entrepreneurs to make overall revenue of approximately 1.6 billion dollars.

One of the latest that has especially come into the forerunners in the Uber for X is the on-demand house painting services solution.

On-Demand House Painting Services Solution – About

With the help of the solution, customers can book professional painters to offer a wide range of painting services that may include, residential painting, interior & exterior painting, custom arts painting, murals painting, cabinet painting, etc., and so on and so forth just through the tap of a few buttons on their smartphone or iPhone device.

Operation of On-Demand House Painting Services Solution

The customer needs to enter the application and add their location, which, in turn, gets them connected to professional painters nearest to them.

They now need to simply list the services that they wish to receive from the painter and receive a quote for the same in just a matter of a few minutes. They now need to book the service from the painter either for the same day or a later date and then receive it.

The services of the solution have all the more become popular thanks to the Paintzen solution.

Paintzen Solution ? About

The solution was launched in the year 2013 to mainly deliver on-demand painting services to the customers and help the customers on a whole get connected to professional painters nearest to them and over a tenure of six years has disrupted the on-demand economy on a whole.

Profits Made by Paintzen

According to a report from Crunchbase.com, it was found that the solution has secured approximately 9.6 million dollars in funding which is enough to project the overall popularity of the solution among the service industry, on a whole.

However, before you go on to follow the uber for painters app development to build a powerful solution for your customers so that they can receive painting services from professional painters, it is important that you keep some tips in mind.

Tips to Remember Before Uber for Painters App Development

  • Understand the pain of your customers first. The pain is that customers have a hectic life today and thus if they receive quick services, they will remain happy and contented on a whole. So, make sure to understand the pain of your customers, i.e., not receiving professional painting services and offer them a solution that will deliver the same to them (professional painting services).
  • Make sure to have some important features present in your solution like details about their house, the date they need the services, quotes for the different paint services, etc., to name a few
  • Include questionnaires and samples so that your customers can select the painting they need and thus receive it as per their choice

So, concluding, follow these tips before you pursue the uber for painters app development process and see yourself building a powerful solution for yourself as well as your customers that shall be successful in making enormous profits for you.

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