The Market Leaders of Southeast Asia: Gojek & Grab

    gojek vs grab

    What if someday you found yourself in a country where all the service providing companies are leading? Yes! We are talking about Southeast Asian countries and their market leaders, Gojek vs Grab. These are two ground business start-ups that went successful and were expanded in all the countries of Southeast Asia. But, the only question that arises is which one is the best?

    To get a clear cut answer, we have a head to head comparison between the Gojek and the Grab. Let’s see which one serves their best.

    Go-Jek: Indonesia’s Market Leader

    Go-Jek is an Indonesian based on demand service providing company that came out on the street of Jakarta as a bike taxi service. Their business plan of two-wheeler taxi service went successfully as commuting from one place to another in the megacities like Jakarta is quite difficult in cars. But, on bikes, it is far much better to get accurate navigation. 

    As this service was successful, Go-Jek found their navigation solution and started their taxi services on four wheeler vehicles too. Their solution was the Jakarta’s local taxi company, Blue Bird to which they got a partnership and finally present the GoCar private car service.

    Recently, Go-Jek has taken over some of the Indian tech muscle that was at their start-up stage. The companies are Left shift, CodeIgnition, C42 Engineering, and Pianta. Their technological centre in Bangalore, India was their first overseas office.

    Static Data of Go-jek

    • More than 50 million app downloads last year that mean the line of their customers is huge.
    • Go-Jek’s daily revenue crosses 1 million.
    • They have around 300,000 drivers in Southeast Asia.
    • According to the recent studies, the market value of Go-Jek is more than $3 Billion

    Grab: The Singapore Based Transportation Service

    Grab was formerly known as GrabTaxi and it was based in Singapore by Anthony Tan. It was based in Singapore but was first established in Malaysia with the name MyTeksi in 2012. GrabTaxi was a concept of booking a taxi through an on demand app and the services were basically focused for the Southeast Asian public. Soon, GrabTaxi was successful and soon expanded in all the countries of Southeast Asia.

    In the early years, Tan found that it is very difficult to hail a cab for availing taxi service in Malaysia. From here the story of Grab begins and in 2012, Tan presented GrabTaxi that was an app based on demand taxi service. The services cost very low and people there are now more depended for commuting on Grab.

    Static Data Of gojek vs grab

    • The app of Grab is was downloaded more than 4 million times last year.
    • The average number of daily ride booking of Grab is almost 5 million. This means every day 5 million Grab rides are booked.
    • Till the early month of 2017, Grab was the most installed app all around the world. 
    • Being the first in the market, Grab is ruling over 6 Southeast Asian countries as well as 60 cities of other nation.
    • The market value of Grab is calculated more than $5 billion.

    Well, according to the close comparison between Go-jek and Grab, both were found to the best. But, Grab being the first in the market achieved more popularity. No doubt, Go-Jek is expanding their roots rapidly but Grab has already taken over the market.?

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