Animated videos that come in all kinds of forms, shapes and sizes, from hand-drawn techniques to graphic techniques, are on the rise. The most important aspect of any video marketing is telling the story. Animations have become very popular to do this for many brands. With so many options out there, how can you be sure your story will be best told this way? Let’s answer the question of how to use animation.


We are often tasked with marketing a service or product that is difficult to explain using traditional video techniques, such as innovative software or a type of technology that hasn’t seen the daylight. Whiteboard Animation shows its true power in such cases, that is, we can convey complex and difficult to explain ideas through animations; if you can’t tell, then show it. Animation, for example, is a great way to market a service called ‘invisible’. In this sense, animations can depict processes that are difficult to imagine and that are strategic and statistical in nature.

Take, for example, an example we did for Skills for Health, the company asked us to describe the work that healthcare professionals do to improve their skills.

If your service or product is quite complex and doesn’t have a lot of visuals, maybe you should start thinking about using an animation. There are tons of ways animation can visualize a message, but the way to get your message across in an engaging way is to use the right amount of speed, visual interest, and perhaps a catchy humor.


Adolescents are among the most difficult audiences to engage with. The excessive amount of content they are exposed to every day through the internet and social media causes their interests and attention to expand (so it becomes more difficult to attract attention than adults). We have been assigned by our client ACT Training to encourage young people aged 16-18 to the training courses offered by the company.

This video is indeed a good example of using visual style to create a brand message. We create an atmosphere where there is a sense of fun and a lot of opportunities, using hand-drawn and graphic techniques together, and also by incorporating bright colors into the work. At the same time, with the involvement of the ATC instructors who played the lead role in the video, a younger atmosphere was created and the benefits of these courses were highlighted to make a career start.


Animations can bring all kinds of stories to life, even sensitive subjects where traditional filmmaking is not possible. They want to tell their stories from charities doing great work for people suffering from illnesses, including organizations that provide support to victims of sexual abuse. But these are subjects that are impressive but also impossible to film. Animations offer endless possibilities to explain topics that are very difficult to express verbally, and research and interviews with people who have experienced the event first-hand can help prepare a solid ground for the video. You can send us the question of how to use animation in such matters. We can help you.


The possibilities offered by animation are endless! Meeting with video marketing experts is of great importance to understand whether animation is the right message for your brand or the message you want to convey. Ask yourself, can the story you want to tell be told effectively with live video? Essentially, it is about conveying your message to the audience in the most interesting way. And as the results show us, when done properly, the animation can certainly work perfectly!Whatever story you want to tell, we have the experience and expertise to use animation for video marketing. Call us and we’ll talk about what we can do for you.

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