You’ve probably heard of the motion visual technique, but you don’t know exactly what explainer video created in this style means, or you don’t know how this method can improve your video marketing strategy. To begin with, this style is one of the best ways to convey complex ideas and messages in a memorable and impressive way. But there is much more to it than that. And in today’s post we’ll tell you all about this style: its features, benefits, uses, and any information you might need. And by the end of the article, you will fully understand why it is a very important resource for your marketing strategy. Are you ready?


You already know the contribution of video content to your marketing strategy. If we specifically consider animated marketing videos, such videos are very important tools that allow you to convey your business ideas quickly, simply and convincingly. You also know that there are many styles available for such videos. Among all these options, animated images are one of the styles most preferred by leading marketers.

Past! Not familiar with narrator video styles? Here is a useful and short explanation for you:

Let’s go back to our topic: According ANIMATED VIDEO FOR COMPANY   graphic design has been a way to convey ideas and concepts visually. As you can imagine, although this method is preferred today, it has an important “plus”: This method is now associated with the support of modern techniques such as video animation. At this very moment, motion graphics take their place in the scene.

?So what exactly is this style?? you might ask. Here’s the answer: Motion graphics are graphic design in action. Basically, it is a simple and direct way to convey complex ideas. Here is a clear example of what we mean to you:


Now you know that motion graphics are a way to convey complex ideas. However, there are some features that distinguish this style from other video styles and make it stand out. These features that make this style an important tool for marketing can be listed as follows:

  • It is one of the most advanced and elegant narrator video styles.
  • It can be considered a bit more formal compared to other video types.
  • It provides a more educational look without losing the appeal of the video through the use of colorful graphics.
  • It is one of the best ways to make an idea clear. It enables you to easily present difficult information such as numbers, statistical data, and specific information.
  • It’s one of the most successful ways to turn any boring and complex content into interesting content.

I’m sure you’ve already started to like this style…

The Most Crucial Benefits of Motion Graphics


1. A Tremendous Visual Power

You probably know that marketers use visual communication tools to convey their messages and ideas in a more engaging and understandable way. Actually, this is not a coincidence: We are all visual learners. This means that we can all understand and digest information containing visual elements such as graphs, diagrams and tables more easily and are more permanent in our memory. Considering all this, we understand what power videos, especially videos with “extra” motion graphics, can have. Motion graphics are in perfect harmony with our visual logic, making it possible to approach the customer in a more interesting way.

2. Stunning Design That Looks Alive

Another important point to know is that moving images are not just about design, but mainly moving designs. In other words, animation. Motion graphics give life to designs with the help of animation. So, one of the most important advantages of this style is the ability to convey your ideas by using animated graphic elements. This style is very important for you, as your customers will recognize your product in just a few seconds.

3. Two Differences the Best in the World

Another feature of motion graphics is that they are very diverse: they can be used in conjunction with other types of narrator video to make use of the best of both worlds. This is due to the lack of human or personal touch in motion graphics, which is critical for other species. However, this is by no means a problem! All you have to do is use it with other styles and you’re done! You can also add the needed warm touch to your video by adding some cute characters. However, we will talk about this later…


You now know what motion graphics are and their features. However, you still have doubts about the exact situations in which it should be used. We will help you with this.

Does Your Company Have a “Serious” Image?

If your company or the product you sell has a “professional” profile and you want to strengthen this image through video marketing, the method you should choose is no other than motion graphics video.

Want to Give Your Video a More Elegant Look?

Motion graphics are the most formal of all narrative video styles. So if you want to add a more sophisticated and serious atmosphere to your video, this should be the style you prefer.

Do You Want to Communicate Complex Ideas Without Loss of Attraction?

Motion graphics are an ideal choice for conveying information that is difficult to convey by other methods such as numbers, statistical data, and specific information.

Do you want to synthesize ideas without losing attraction?

If just one picture is worth a thousand words, consider moving pictures. Motion graphics have great synthesis power and can present any phenomenon in an interesting and informative way through visual pathways.

Do You Own a B2B Company or B2C Business Based on ?Hard Data??

Motion graphics might be the answer you are looking for. This type of videos is extremely suitable for businesses operating in areas such as finance, informatics and IT solutions. Due to the fundamentals it is based on, this style is very suitable for conveying your messages directly without losing interest.

How to Combine Motion Graphics with Other Styles

Of course, there is no such thing as your marketing video will consist of 100% motion graphics. As we mentioned before, this style is very flexible and very diverse. This means that you can combine this style with other styles. Here are a few examples:

Animated Graphics Combination with Live Videos

You’ve probably heard that live videos have some restrictions, which is essentially true. However, if you use it with motion graphics, the restrictions will only be limited to what you have in mind. By using these two styles together, you can easily convey ideas and concepts that would be impossible to convey in live shot alone. Take a look at the example below for Stock In value.

Character Animation Combination with Motion Graphics

While motion graphics are very useful for idea synthesis, they lack the human touch that many brands need. You can make your marketing video more engaging and heartwarming by adding a few cute and funny characters. Here is an example:

Smart Board Video Combination with Motion Graphics

Most of the Smart Board videos are prepared digitally. So behind every high-quality animation, a motion graphics expert is working to make camera movements, graphics, hand drawn animations and other elements look great. In other words, even if you are not aware of it, motion graphics are always included in every high quality animation. Here is an example of how these two types are used together:

At Animation, we have produced a large number of narrative videos with varied content for different business and industrial units. If you need help with your next marketing video, contact us, it will be our pleasure to guide and assist you.


After reading this post, I am sure you understand how important motion graphics are for the quality of your marketing video.?Using the power of visuality, it offers a perfect method to reach your customers with a simple yet compelling message.?Moreover, you have learned how powerful and effective this style can be for B2C and B2B style companies in any concept (regardless of complexity).?We’ve also shown you how you can combine this style with other types of narrative video to optimize your marketing strategy.?Now is your turn!?Do you want to make a video with motion graphics??Have you ever tried this kind of video before??Share your experience with our community!

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