5 Professional Tips To Grow Your Gojek Clone Multi-service Business In 2023

5 Professional Tips To Grow Your Gojek Clone Multi-service Business In 2023

The post CoVid 19 market is very different from the previous years. Businesses have broken down and people have faced major losses during this period. However, the on demand service provider industry seems to have thrived because it helps people get what they want when they want it without jeopardising their health. But, now world has recovered from it and in 2022 most of the app businesses are on track and few of them are running again with the same or more pace. Now, it’s time to start the business and lead the market.

But starting a new business can be a challenge even with the Gojek clone app if not done right. Every entrepreneur has hopes and fears associated with their new beginnings because they are putting in so much money toward it. 

We have been a part of the on demand industry for almost a decade. With hundreds of clients coming up to us to ask more about how they can grow their own business with the Gojek clone app in 2022, we decided to put up a blog by curating the top 5 tips from our experts.

Let us take a look. 


No matter what the global situation is, your business is primarily impacted by local variables. It is crucial to keep in mind that everything you introduce to the market must have the potential to expand significantly and become a global success, but it must first satisfy the needs of local customers and service providers.

Invest some effort in market trends study and analysis. Learn more about the laws that are in place in your location, and then check to see if your users have access to a workable solution. If not, it’s time to consider what other services you might be able to provide your consumers.


There are many Gojek clone apps out there. One search on the internet will reveal hundreds of companies trying to sell their app. Each company claims that their app is the best. It is important that you check these apps and compare them with your business requirements. 

It is always helpful to go for an app that is tried and tested by users from around the world. Try to look for a white label on demand mobile app Development Company that has sold a version of the Gojek clone app already to clients in multiple countries. That way, you can rest assured about the quality and commercial viability of the app.?


It is natural for entrepreneurs to have high expectations and a vision for the direction in which they wish to grow with their multi service apps. However, the sad truth about the market is that regardless of how good your vision is, it might not be a perfect fit for the current market.?

This is why; it is important to discuss your hopes and fears with your on demand mobile app development company so that they can guide you regarding the practicalities of the market. Make sure that you trust them because they have years of experience in this industry. 


Achieving success with your app doesn’t end with getting it and launching it. To make sure that more and more people learn about your service on a regular basis, you must maintain ongoing marketing activities. If you want to make sure that your app is searchable, you may use SEO services or even app store optimization. Search for terms that are relevant to your industry.

If you like, you can also discuss details with a professional marketing company to help you lay out a plan using which you can promote your business. Remember that it is not just the app download that you have to focus on but also building your brand. If there is a good amount of brand recognition in the market, downloads and sales will follow. 


The app will thrive if you have many service providers who willingly register in your app. you might have to give tem discounts and keep a lower commission margin in the beginning to ensure that many service providers register on to your app.

It will help you in a big way if you make sure that you build a network of service providers from every service. This is to ensure that regardless of where (within your service radius) that your users generate a request for hiring a service provider, they will always find a service provider that suits their needs. 


The Gojek clone app is a very helpful and successful tool that can take your business to new heights. If you want to make sure that your company succeeds in the year 2022, make sure that you also keep in mind the various CoVid 19 safety regulations laid out by governments of different countries.?

Remember to include features that keep safety and hygiene as priority for your business and you should most certainly thrive. Lastly, only rely on a Gojek clone app built by an on demand mobile app development company that offers white label services. We hope these tips help you succeed in your business in a large way. All the best!

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