A company like Gojek has the ability to instantly turn you into a billionaire! The secret sauce is in its profit-centered business models, which practically turn this Gojek-like app into a money-making engine for the business owner. Via its distinctive and dynamic platform, this App alone provides online access to 101+ On-Demand Services. It has gained popularity since it offers a digital platform that allows users to purchase for anything and everything in one location.

What Business Models Are We Talking About?

1. Commission Based Business Model

The App Owner earns Commission on every single order placed online through the App. The Service Providers are contractually bound to pay a certain percentage of the Revenue generated Per Order, through rendering Services to the Customers, as Commission to the App Owner. And these Commission Rates differ with the genre and the type of the Service offered. It is the Entrepreneur who enjoys the exclusive authority to decide these Rates.

2. Subscription Plans

This is the Anti-Commission Business Model. The App Owner curates and designs Subscription Plans with varying validity periods that all come with a specific Expiry Date. Then it is up to the Service Providers to choose any one of the Subscription Plans and buy it by making a one-time payment to the App Owner. These Subscription Plans are of a Month, Two Months, Three Months, Half-Yearly and Annually. Once the Plan is active, the Service Provider has to no longer pay a big portion of the Earnings as Commission to the App Owner.

What All Services This Powerful Gojek Like App Offers?

Logan Wright is doing his Undergraduate Degree in Mathematics and Philosophy from Oxford University, United Kingdom. For his Spring Break, he is flying overseas to meet his Granny who lives in Missouri, United States of America. He boards his Virgin Atlantic Flight VS103 from London Heathrow International Airport and after a 14-hour Flight with a Stopover at Atlanta, he reaches St. Louis Lambert International Airport of Missouri at 23:43 ET (4:45 GMT).

Books Taxi using his Apple Smart-Watch

He opens his Multi Service App like Gojek and because he has already installed Taxi Booking iWatch App in his Smart-Watch, with quick simple taps he books Chevrolet Silverado for himself and agrees to the Covid-19 Safety Checklist. And he decides to pay online using the In-App Wallet through his iWatch! He paid in Pound Sterling even when US Dollars is the National Currency of the States!??

1. What is this Safety Checklist?

It is a set of instructions that every Rider has to follow while hailing Taxi Rides from Apps like Gojek. These are wearing a Face Mask at all times during the Ride, regularly sanitising your hands, handling personal luggage on your own, and avoiding paying in Cash. Simply because Currency Notes are the most common carriers of this lethal Covid-19 Virus.

He’ll be reaching EVO Living Residential Apartments in Richmond Heights of Saint Louis in Missouri in 13 minutes! It is hardly 9.6 miles away.

He Hires a Personal Shopper using the same Spectacular App

He requests the Personal Shopper to go buy 24 Pastel-Coloured Tulips from Dierbergs Florist & Gifts. The Personal Shopper Charlotte reaches the Florist in under 5 minutes and uploads Pictures of Yellow, Pink and Lavender Tulips that the Store had. Logan instructs the Personal Shopper to buy 8 Tulips of each colour and that he will using his Card. He approves the Purchase and makes the Payment.

And the moment he reaches the entrance of EVO Living, he finds Charlotte waiting for him at the entrance with 24 beautiful Tulips. 

Her Granny gets teary-eyed because that is what her husband would always give her on her birthday but unfortunately, he passed away two years ago!

Granny Luna wants to bake his grandson’s favourite Gooey Butter Cake but she does not have all the ingredients and she doesn’t even want to ask Logan to go out, because he’s already tired and jet-lagged.

Orders Grocery Online

He Opens his favourite App to order 1 Gallon of Milk, small sachet of Active Dry Yeast, half-a-Pound of Unsalted Butter, 1 Pound of Sugar, small sachet of Kosher Salt, Vanilla Extract, 1 Large Egg and 1 Pound of All Purpose-Flour. 

Logan makes an online payment using his card and the Grocery gets delivered to the Apartment in under 10 minutes!

After sleeping like a Log, Logan wakes to his Granny’s special Ultra-Gooey Butter Cake! While he is devouring the Cake, let me tell you a little more than this App!


Gojek Clone App will catapult your business to great heights with Jaw-Dropping Spike in Sales all thanks to its core structuring that is meant to make mankind’s life easier, simpler by providing Quality Services in the Shortest Time Possible. Do you also aspire to be a Successful Entrepreneur? Do you also want to make easy and quick money? Then Contact app development company right away and launch your very own Gojek like App in just under a weeks? time.?

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