Diabetic Diet Plan 2020

diabetic diet plan

There is no reversal once diabetes has been diagnosed but the best could be done is taking control over it in the healthiest ways possible. And one such effective method is following a diet plan that takes care of diabetes.

Not the increased dependency on the medicines but consumption of simple and healthy food items can be more efficient in managing diabetes. So, here are some of the proven diabetic diet plans to make sure your health now remains as its best.

The Mediterranean Diet

The secret of this diabetic diet plan being effective is the low content of sugar, red meat, saturated fats and high percentages of nuts and fresh vegetables. Following this diet plan offers additional benefits like weight loss, cancer prevention, maintaining good brain health and controlling diabetes is one the specializations.

It suggests having a great start of the day with a nutritious breakfast. You can start with 6 ounces of greek yoghurt with half a cup of strawberries topped with a spoon of honey. Feel free to add an avocado on the list.

For lunch, it suggests whole-grain pita filled with slices of tomatoes, freshly dices pieces of green vegetables and even hummus. Have a bowl of soup if you wish or juicy fruit. And if the belly margin allows, enjoy a glass of water with lemon squeezed in it.

For those hungry times and the urge to compete within a healthy way, try the Nutrasphere’s Diabetic supplement drinks. They are prepared out of fresh ingredients and are indeed one of the best to rely on for natural supplements.

Complete the last meal of the day with fatty fish such as salmon topped with mustard, couscous and even asparagus.

Feel like for a dessert, enjoy a handful of grapes or a cup of diced fruits or something as light as a homemade mojito.

The Vegan Diet

If you are looking for a diet plan that fits well in the categories for a best diabetic diet plan and a balanced diet as well, the vegan diet might be the best choice for you. But first things first, a vegan diet is not an entirely a vegetarian diet. While vegetarians do not opt for meat, fish and poultry, vegans, on the other hand, exclude these along with animal products such as dairy products.

Having said that, let?s see what the vegan diet has to offer to a diabetic.

For breakfast, the vegan diet puts the whole wheat toast with almond butter or any nut butter at top of the suggested breakfast recipes. You can also add a smoothie and have a fulfilled start for the day.

For lunch, the tortillas are the first choice in this diet plan. Along with it, you can include kidney beans, tomatoes, avocado and even salsa, as per your choice. In drinks, consider having a glass of calcium-rich soy milk. Even steamed kale dressed with a spoon of flax oil is an option.

Going for the third main meal of the day, the combination of tofu and stir-fried peas is one of the best options. Along with this, enjoy a cup of cooked rice and some diced fruits of your choice.

The Ornish Diet

Named after the clinical professor of medicine in 1977, Dr Dean Ornish – this diet plan was created with the sole motivation to help people achieve better health, feel better, live longer and lose weight. The highlight of the diet is being low in fat, refined carbohydrates and even animal protein. 

However, there is more to the level of success this Ornish diet plan has achieved in the case of diabetes. That added feature is the involvement of exercise along with management of stress and relationships as well.

So coming back to the food that is allowed in this diet plan for diabetes, here is one of the sample recipes for a day. For breakfast, you can have a mix of blueberries, strawberries and even raspberries, together in a cup. Other than that, you can have a slice of whole wheat bread and 2 scrambled eggs as well.

Going for lunch, you can enjoy one or one and a half cup of roasted tomato soup. Along with it well goes the 2cups of Asian noodles topped with shrimps and say peach griddlecake as well, if you wish. 

For the last meal of the day, you can have salad prepared with tomato, black beans and even sweet corn. The quantity of sweet corn is suggested to be more than the rest of the ingredients of the salad. Apart from this, you can have bread pudding and roughly 3 ounces of salmon to seize the day for you.

The Conclusion

It may not be possible to get rid of diabetes completely but what is certainly possible is to keep the effects of it at farthest. And undoubtedly, it is going to take a lot of your effort and determination but you can do it. So follow up anyone of the most suitable and best diets for diabetes and take control of your health once again.


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