Control your diet and follow weight loss routine

weight loss routine

Detox drink for weight loss

Detoxifying your body may help to reduce weight, there are various detox drinks which help to cleanse the body and improve metabolism. Detox drinks do help in a various ways, there are many factors that come in mind when it comes to detox drinks like it helps to remove toxins from the body and it also promotes weight loss. But there is not much evidence about the effects of these detox drinks for weight reduction. A combination of various vegetables or leafy veggies and proper eating habits promotes weight loss. You can make many types of smoothies or healthy drinks to reduce weight a few smoothies such as Green smoothies, fruit smoothies, a combination of different fruits and veggies which taste good as well as healthy for the body, oats can also be added to smoothies as per requirement. Detox drinks may revitalize or re-energize the body and help to reduce unwanted fats in the body.

Diets for weight loss

There are various weight loss diet which an individual can follow some follow routine to reduce the appetite others restrict themselves from reducing the calorie intake in their diet the diets like paleo diet, vegan diet, Low-carb diet, the dukan diet, ultra-low fat diet these diets do make a difference when it comes to weight reduction.

Below are some information related to the diets mentioned.

Paleo diet-

This type of diet focuses on the foods which our ancestors used to eat before agriculture. Most of the diseases are now linked because of western diet and the consumption of dairy products, processed foods etc. Paleo diet include, vegetables, nuts, seeds, fruits etc.

Vegan diet-

Vegan diet generally refers to intake of only veggies in the diet it discourages animal product and purely focuses on vegetarian food. Vegan diet seems to be very effective when it comes to weight loss because it is high in fiber and low in fats.

Low-carb diet-

This type of diet may include low carb intake of 20-150 grams per day. The main motive is to force the body to use more fats and use that fat as a fuel and reduce the body mass. This type of weight loss program is meant for obese.

 Dukan Diet-

It is a diet which includes high protein, low-carbs and are split in four phases of diet two weight reduction phases and two maintenance phases. Each phase has its own dietary plans.

Ultra low fat diet-

This type of diet allows you a person to consume only 10% calories in their routine diet. The 10% of calories intake in the diet promotes weight reduction as well as health benefits.

Apart from diet and detoxification exercises is also one of the part of weight loss programs.

Keeping aside diet plans the most effective way to reduce weight are exercises which will help in the weight loss. Exercises are common strategies to reduce weight and shed those pounds in months if strictly followed. In addition this exercises have other benefits as well which include improvement in mood, makes the bones much stronger and reduce risk of getting diseases, there are many exercises one can follow such as walking, Jogging or running, cycling, weight training, swimming, yoga etc.


It is one of the most common and effective way to reduce weight, for beginners walking is a must before any exercise it helps a person with warm-up. Without any worry of buying expensive equipment?s to reduce the weight walking can be considered as one of the effective way to reduce the weight.

Jogging or running

Jogging and running are great exercises which promotes weight loss. By doing this activity the calories burns faster when it comes to running and jogging unlike walking it impacts slowly but running can help burn calories much for faster than a person can expect. Running also promotes in improving concentration, alertness, sharp mind and helps to give shape to the body.


Cycling is one of the most popular and effective exercise to improve fitness and to reduce weight. Mostly, cycling is carried on outdoors but many gyms and fitness centers do have indoor cycling equipment?s which allows an individual to cycle while staying inside the fitness centers or gyms. Cycling lowers the risk of heart disease and cardiac arrest and helps to stay fit.

Weight training-

Weight training can be considered as one of the effective way to reduce weight. This type of training helps to build strength, promote muscle growth which burns fats from the body and increase muscles. This weight loss training is much effective than aerobic exercise.


Swimming is an enjoyable way to reduce weight, it burns a lot of calories within few hours, and swimming doesn?t give any injury to the joints, it is a great option for the people who have joint pain.


Yoga has many benefits when it comes to fitness and reducing weight, its main motive is to relieve stress and reduce weight. It reduces fair amount of weight and promotes health benefits and fat burn. Some fitness centers do provide Yoga training session to relieve stress as well as reduce weight.

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