5 Ways to Increase your Ecommerce Conversion Rate

ecommerce conversion rate

There are several ways to increase the e-commerce conversion rate, right from something as simple as making more prominent call-to-action button to restructuring the checkout process completely. Keep scrolling to explore the proven e-commerce solutions that will increase the likelihood of the visitors of your site to complete their purchase.

Display Different Product Categories On Homepage

If you display a limited range of products on your website?s homepage, visitors may underestimate the complete product range and may assume that you do not offer what they are looking for. For example, if you have displayed only jackets and coats collection on the homepage then visitors will not easily see that you also sell shoes, t-shirts and dresses and will assume that you do not offer these items. Hence it is highly important to show a broader range of products available to visitors.

Listing of Products ? Maximize Hit Area

Generally, visitors get confused on category and product listing pages about what can they click on to find more about a product ? can they click the title, the price or the thumbnail. For this make bespoke web design with the entire listing of products clickable along with the whitespace that separates the price, product title and thumbnail.?

Display Relevant Products

Many e-commerce websites often display the relevant products available that a customer might want to buy along with the primary products. For example, if a customer is buying a phone, they might also be looking for a phone cover. This way you encourage visitors to buy more items from your website and can also enhance the overall experience of the visitors.

Display Alternative Products

Along with the relevant products, displaying the alternative products (Items that are similar to the primary product but are in a different colour, price range, style etc.) on your website is also beneficial. It is found that visitors generally leave the site or restart their search and navigate around the site to find a more suitable product if alternative items are not displayed. This forces them to search for generic pages that may contain thousands of items and they will often become impatient having to do this repeatedly.

Show Total Order Cost Including the Delivery Charges on Cart Page

Many e-commerce websites display only the product cost and do not include the delivery charges or even indicate that there is an additional delivery cost. Before filling out the checkout form visitors usually like to know the order total and do not want to fill out multiple form fields and then find out that the delivery cost is too high. This then leads them to abandon the cart if the price is not according to their budget.

By updating your website as per the suggestions mentioned above, you hopefully will see an increase in sales and conversion rate. As with all conversion rate optimization, we always recommend you to consider testing any changes to your site before completely implementing them.

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