Method for determining skin color and hair color

skin color

In order to determine what suits you from fashion or beauty tools, your first step is to know your skin color and then choose what suits you in colors and also you can do some tricks to make it suitable for you. We have always taken care of you, your beauty, and everything that concerns you, so we are with you on the covenant and here are the first steps of beauty. Where we started a series of those topics related to color first by determining the color of your skin and then choosing the colors best suited to your skin and how the colors coordinate with each other and the most harmonious colors. 

The importance of determining skin color

 Determining the color of your skin is one of the important things that you must take into account and never miss, as this is the first step in order to be able to easily determine the colors of your clothes. And because many women ignore this point and wear malai of their proportions, some light colors may make her more weight, extinguish the light of her face, cover it with paleness, and make the appropriate color brighter. 

In addition, it also helps you to determine the color of your hair and your beauty tools such as eyeshadow, foundation cream and powder, as well as the color of the veil if you wear a veil.

Keys to determine skin color 

Before determining the color of your skin, we take us to inform you of several points, which is that the skin is naturally divided into two colors, one external and the other internal, which is what we see with the eye is clear and subject to change due to external factors such as the sun that cause it to be extinguished. As for the inner color, it is called the endton, which is not affected by external factors, it is protected, and the outer skin differs from the underton, as it is divided into light, medium and dark, while the endone is the basic layer of that skin and contributes a large part to determining the color of the outer skin. 

Andartone (vascular) determination method 

As the veins and blood vessels appear more in the forearm area and the joint of the hand, you should extend your forearm or palm your hands under good lighting and look at the visible veins, whether directly above the palm of the hand or in the forearm. If it tends to be blue or purple, then Anderton is cold, and if it tends olive and green in Anderton it is warm, and if it is between blue and green in Anderton is normal 

Other methods of determining skin color 

There are many different ways to determine the color of the skin, but we chose in order that among them there are two methods that seem the easiest at all. The first method is by examining the color of gold and silver, which is to bring a large piece of gold and another large piece of silver. Then you have to wear a piece of gold or a piece of gold clothes and then note carefully how it affects your face, and then wear the other piece of silver or a piece of silver clothing and note well the difference between them and which one makes your face brighter and if it is golden, you have a dark complexion, and if it is silver, you have white skin brightening treatment for men.�

Skin color ruler 

It is available in pharmacies and is available in beauty centers and cosmetic stores, and there are all skin tones and are precisely defined, the face must first be cleaned of make-up and then the ruler should be brought closer to the face. Here are also other natural ways by which you can easily determine your skin color:

 Sun raised 

One of the best skin specialist says that if you are exposed to the sun, if it turns golden brown or turns brown, your skin is warm, but if your face is burned and your skin is red, it is cold. 

Eye and hair color 

Mostly every skin has a set of eye colors associated with it, as follows: Cold skin has blue, gray, or green eyes and blond, brown or black hair. While the skin is warm, the color of her eyes is mostly brown, hazel, or black, and the color of red, black, golden blonde or brown hair


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