7 Common Mistakes that You Should Avoid While Choosing an International School

Parents are increasingly choosing international schools over public and private schools for their children. These international schools, which can be found in every country, offer an international level of education to the students. But there are several international schools, which can make choosing the best one, a little difficult. The pressure of choosing the right school for your child among these swarming options can be a lot to take.

So, here are some of the common mistakes parents make when choosing a school for their child which you must avoid at all circumstances:

1. Focusing on the Brand and Not Paying attention to the School:

Every city has some of its top schools. Getting your child enrolled in such a school may feel like a privilege because of its brand name and grandeur. These schools are generally termed as �the best� or �number one� in your area. You would also want your child to study in this school because of its prestige. But, it might not be the right fit for your child. Yes, these schools are great and they have built up strong brand names for themselves. But there is no such thing as a best school. Rather, there is only the best school for your child. In other words, it�s not the best school, but�the right school. So, do a deep assessment of the school, its faculty, its curriculum, its values to know if that the place where you want your child to receive education.

2. Rushing through the procedure and not doing an extensive survey of the school:�

It is rightly said that first impression is the best impression.� Visiting the school only once won�t be sufficient as your decision shouldn�t be based upon too little information. Visiting a school more than once will let you understand the actual ambience of the institution. Finding the right school takes much effort and time along with lengthy application process and lots of research work. �Being careful while scanning through the schools� portfolio is important.

3. Focusing only on Academics:

Children of tomorrow need a well-rounded and holistic education. Those who succeed are the ones who have strong people skills, know how to relate to others, and are able to develop strong personal and professional networks. In other words, EQ (Emotional Quotient) is more important than IQ (Intelligence Quotient). Some kids might be brilliant, but they lack the social or interpersonal skills that are so necessary in today�s world. So, choose a school that offers a programme which not only builds students academically but also invests in developing their personality.

4. Not Asking Questions:

Every student has different needs. A template programme might work for other kids but might not work for your child. So, during your tour at the school ensure that you ask several questions to the admissions counsellor. Ask them about the school�s facilities, if they have a psychological counsellor, how is the sports and ECA section of the school, and about everything that you think that your child may need. Take your child for the tour too and ask them if they like the place.

5. Getting swayed by Appearances:

Always remember that private schools thrive on your interest. They Some schools might look attractive and clean as they seem, however as a parent it is your responsibility to check if the school is fully equipped with the latest and quality study materials, too. Analyze if the teachers are trained enough to use the equipment and adopt the latest teaching methodology to engage kids.�

6. Forgetting to Ask Around:

Inquire about the school to other parents, online communities and check the school�s review. Ask enough of other questions like how the school would support children academically, emotionally and socially before finalizing it. Read online reviews, ask parents of existing students for their thoughts and decide accordingly. You wouldn�t want a school that keeps you at an arm�s length. Ask other parents about their engagement in the child�s education and how the school involves them in it.

7. Judging a school only by the class they are getting admission in:

You might be looking at schools for your toddler. It�s hard to picture your little one turn older, but it is important to remember that they will grow up. The school should have facilities to cater to your child�s requirements through their ages. So, when you take a tour of the school, don�t simply look at the kindergarten classroom. Take a tour of the upper grades and visualise your child being a part of that setting.

Choosing a school, especially an international one is difficult. But your goal should be to choose a school which is right for your child and caters to their specific needs and interests. Keep these mistakes in mind and avoid them to find the best fit.

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