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Singapore Pass Application

Singapore is one of the most desired places in the world to improve your career and advance your lifestyle. If you are a foreigner and looking to move to Singapore, you need to get a Singapore Employment Pass. The Singapore Employment Pass is a kind of work visa provided by the Ministry of Manpower to the professional, manager, executive, or director foreigners, who wish to work legally in Singapore.

Singapore Pass Application

This is the most versatile work pass that covers the largest group of existing foreign working experts in Singapore (apart from work permit holders). Additionally, no work visa quota is needed for this kind of work pass but there are other new requirements executed recently to make sure the fair consideration of locals before the hiring of foreigners on Singapore Employment Pass. This article will help you know more about what is an employment pass and what you need to meet the eligibility criteria.

Eligibility criteria for the Employment Pass

For applying for the Singapore Employment Pass, the Ministry of Manpower demands the foreign workers to pass the following eligibility criteria:

  • Get a job offer in Singapore.
  • The job role must be either of a particular role, a managerial position, or an executive.
  • Fresh graduate candidates must have at least a monthly salary of at least S$3,900. Applicants with higher experience are required to earn higher wages to qualify.
  • Foreign professionals applying for a Singapore employment pass must have a university degree, satisfactory qualifications from accredited universities, professional qualifications, or specialized skills.

To understand your eligibility when applying for Singapore Employment Pass, MOM has made a Self Assessment Tool. This tool can be utilized as an overall guideline, but there can be exceptions or additional document requirements for specialized skills or senior-level management jobs.

The Ministry of Manpower analyzes each applicant record based on the experienced skill set they bring to the country?s economy. According to other conditions, the applicants not having qualifications can still be considered when applying for a Singapore Employment Pass. Applicants having the qualifications are not eligible automatically.

Additional conditions

When a foreign talent is applying for a Singapore Employment Pass, the Ministry of Manpower will analyze the company you are applying for an employment pass for. The company should follow a few rules before employing a non-Singaporean staff. MOM needs to verify:

  • Company’s contribution to the society and economy of Singapore.
  • Is the company dedicated to improve and hire Singaporean talent?
  • The average of Singaporean employees in the company is compared to the industry percentage.

Documents required for Employment Pass

  • Recommendations from past employers;
  • A copy of the applicant?s recent CV;
  • Applicant?s job offer.
  • Details description of business functions of the sponsor company and the service  or product offered;
  • A complete employment pass application form 8 to be approved by sponsor company;
  • Passport biodata.

Aside from submitting the documents above, you may have to provide additional documents as proof of business functions or a detailed explanation of why you need to hire the applicant.

Employment Pass rejections

With the new law changes in Singapore about business passes, Singapore has made it difficult for foreigners to get an Employment Pass. This was implemented to protect jobs for the local workers. Some of the reasons for rejection include insufficient educational experience or relevant work required for the job you are seeking, the employer doesn?t have enough business activities, or not producing enough revenue. Moreover, the employing company might have an imbalance local to foreigner ratio in the company, thus, not adding enough value to the economy.

Employment Pass appeals and renewals

Only the company employer or a licensed government immigration agency is authorized to make changes to the application. Also, this applies to the renewals and appeals. If your application got rejected, you are permitted to make an appeal within 3 months from the date of Singapore employment pass rejection. You are to include any extra details that MOM has requested for.

If you are holding an Employment Pass as of the moment and would want to renew it, you can submit a renewal request six months before the expiration date of your work visa. However, renewal is subjected to progression made in your career and the contributions you have made to the economy of Singapore. Your salary is used as an indication of your career progression. Applications for renewal must be submitted at least 2 months before the expiration date and will take about 3 weeks to process.

Apply with an experienced agency

The Singapore Employment Pass is the most common work visa in Singapore. It is made for skilled, foreign talents who have been offered a job in Singapore. Particularly, the employment pass is offered to professionals, managers, executives, directors, and those with exceptional talents and experience in their field of work. Apply for your Employment Pass with Ren Ai Group. We are an experienced agency working with foreign workers who want to start a career in Singapore.

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