Eliminate Your Fears And Doubts About Belkin Range Extender Device

Belkin range extender is a powerful networking device, it acts as a repeater for the router’s wireless signal. It repeats the wifi signal. So that the wifi signal can be amplified. This extender is used in places where the router’s signal is weak. It extends or increases the wi-fi range. The extender eliminates the dead zone and better wi-fi connectivity. The Belkin Range Extender comes with a single band and dual-band. It includes many features and a wire-free wi-fi extender. This extender is placed anywhere and many devices connect at the same time. The Belkin extender works with the existing wi-fi router and provides high wi-fi speed. Without buffering you can watch HD movies, videos and at the same time, your children play online games and watch cartoons.

The Belkin range extender works extremely well. Because its Wi-Fi network range goes the whole home or every corner in the house. It is very easy to set up, log-in and update. If you are set up the extender so not far away from the wi-fi router. Signal Week is on the 1st floor of my house, I want very good wifi connectivity in the whole house, I will set up the extender on the 1st floor in the house. Some guidelines of setup are given below.

Access the log-in page of the Belkin range extender

If you want to login to Belkin Extender, then login is simple. Every user can log in to it easily. But some users get confused when they log in. I will give you some guidelines so that you will be able to access the login page easily. First of all, your extender plugs in the power circuit and turns on the power circuit button. Then, the light of the extender will be solid. After that, open the wired device like computer and wire-free devices like laptop or tab, under the device then you have to open wifi network in your device and find the name of Belkin extender. As soon as the name is visible, clicking on it will take you to the login page. You can open an internet explorer and type the or http belkin range in the search section. After that, show the screen started icon then, click on it.

Set up the Belkin range extender

Some users doubt and fear that it is difficult to set up, and it takes time to set it up. But it is not at all easy to set up. The Belkin Extender is set up without using wire and cable. I will tell some guidelines about the setup of the extender, the user whose doubt will be eliminated. To set up you have to plug the extender into the power circuit and turn the button on. Then wait until the light runs in the extender. Then you have to turn on the power of your PC or laptop and connect the networks to it by turning on the Wi-Fi network. Then the web browser has to be used to access the setup page, you have to enter the belkin.range setup in the browser’s search bar and press enter. Then there will be a page display on it, you will have to click on it. After that, you have to select the wireless network that you want to expand and click on Next. Then a page will open, it will ask you password, you have to fill in the password and click on apply. After that, the extender will be set up.

Reset the Belkin range extender

Some users doubt that it is difficult to reset it, but resetting it is simple.  The reset button is used to reset. You have to check the reset button, Where is the location of the reset button in the extender. The Belkin Extender has a reset backside. Press the reset button for at least 10 seconds while the extender power ON. If you can use a paperclip to press the button. Then after 10 seconds, the button has to be released, then the extender will light blink and your extender will be reset.

Update the Belkin Range Extender

Some users are fear that it is difficult to update, but nothing like this. You have to enter the model number of your extender using a web browser. After that, you have to select the name of your extender device. As soon as you click, the option will be the firmware update, you have to click on it and your Belkin extender will get updated in a while.

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