How to get more views on Instagram stories, post and video?

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Instagram is a top-rated tool to build your brand. Use their features wisely to attract more audiences. Your online success is highly determined by how many people are engaging with your content. Here in this topic, I am going to discuss the following points:

? How does Instagram algorithm work? 

? How to use Instagram stories, videos and posts? 

? How to buy more views on Instagram stories? 

? How to get more views on Instagram posts and videos??

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The above are the points that I am going to share in this article. 

Let’s discuss each one by one. 

How does Instagram algorithm work? 

According to the textbook definition, an algorithm is software that is highly designed to solve problems. But in the case of Instagram, uses the algorithm to show users what they want to see. The algorithm includes the following three core factors:

?    Interests ? Instagram finds out what posts you may want to see based on your past behaviour with similar content.

?    Timeliness ? Recent posts will be given priority over the past posts.

?    Relationship-Users who comment and like your post regularly, it’ll add to your family and friends category. 

But the question is how algorithms determine what people will like? 

Let me explain to you through an example. If you like makeup tutorials, then algorithms keep an eye on which thing you want on Instagram. If you like makeup tutorials more on Instagram, then algorithms find that beautiful things are your kind of interest, so they start showing you makeup related stuff. Your explore page is full of makeup kinds of things. The algorithm’s primary purpose is to keep you engaged on this platform to spend more time there, so they determine users’ interest and show them their part related things. This is how it works. Now let’s move to our second point, that is:

How to use Instagram stories, posts and videos? 

You can upload your story by clicking on the camera icon on the top left. You can take a photo from the camera roll or if you want to upload fresh pictures, then click on it, and it’ll capture your shot. Before uploading, you also get many other options for choosing stickers like emoji etc.; you can also draw or type on the image.

If you want to upload videos, follow the same procedure as above, but this time tap the record button instead of clicking on it. If you’re going to post, click on the plus icon displayed at the bottom of it and choose the post and upload it. 

Now let’s dive into our third point that is

How to get more views on Instagram stories? 

Stories are authentic and the easiest way to share your content. People respond positively to the brand that uses stories as an advertisement. It’s an excellent way to get more views. Let’s discuss the ways to maximize views on Instagram stories. 

1-Use location and hashtag sticker:

To boost your reach, engagement and views on your Instagram stories, use the stickers. Use location and hashtag stickers to come at the top of the explorer page. 

2-Post consistently:

Post consistently to create opportunities for your followers to view your Instagram stories frequently. Schedule it and keep it consistent. It’s an excellent way to attract and engage more audiences. 

Next, I am going to discuss how to get views on Instagram posts and videos? 

How to get more views on Instagram posts and videos? 

Sharing things with others and even displaying your products is a beautiful way to get views on Instagram posts and videos. 

1-Post high-quality content:

If you want to stand out in a crowd, make sure you are posting high-quality content. If you’re curious to know how to buy more views, posting high-quality content is the best way to get it. Have a consistent look so that people recognize you through this. Post high-quality content so that more people would continue to visit your brand. 

2-Tag a location:

It’s an important feature to market your brand. You need to make sure you can found easily, and your content is searchable. 

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