How to Let A Company Know About a Competitive Job Offer

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It is not uncommon to find yourself juggling multiple job offers in the competitive world of direct hire recruiting. While it might seem difficult, effective communication can help candidates navigate the situation with grace and integrity. This article discusses the right approach to communicate the existence of another job offer to a company. 

Timing Is Key 

Timing is crucial when you have multiple job offers on the table. You should make sure to inform the company about the competing offer at the appropriate time, without causing undue pressure or delay. The ideal time to bring up the subject is during the negotiation stage, after you’ve received a formal offer but haven’t accepted it yet. This demonstrates your sincere interest in the job and your respect for the company’s time. 

Schedule a meeting 

It is often more effective to schedule an in-person meeting with the person in charge of hiring or an HR representative rather than providing this information via email or phone call. This personal touch can make the discussion more comfortable and show that you are committed to open communication. In the meeting, express your gratitude for the job offer and your excitement about the company. Then, carefully introduce the other offer. 

Be Polite and Respectful 

When letting a company know about another job offer, approach the topic with tact and respect. Start by emphasizing that you are very interested in the company and the role they’ve offered. Explain how you’ve received another offer and want to carefully weigh all your options before making a decision. Highlight your desire to work for their organization, and stress that your goal is to have a transparent and honest conversation. 

Open to Negotiation 

While discussing the other job offer, be open to negotiation. Explain to the company that you respect their offer and that you’d like to know if they will match or outdo it. This doesn’t imply that you should make demands, but rather express your willingness to discuss the terms of their employment offer and find a mutually beneficial solution. 

Reiterate Interest and Enthusiasm 

Emphasize your continued interest in the position with the company and reiterate why you find the opportunity appealing. Reinforce your enthusiasm for the role and the organization, and explain how your skills and experiences align with their offer. 

Provide Relevant Information 

During the meeting, provide the company with important terms about the other job offer. This includes the salary package and perks, the deadline for accepting or declining the offer, and any other relevant information. Providing these details will help the company understand the urgency of the situation and make a more informed decision. 

Respect Their Response 

After communicating your situation, respect the company’s response, whether it’s an immediate decision or a request for some time to consider your request. Be patient and understanding, as they may need to consult with their team or make necessary adjustments to their offer. Continue to maintain professionalism and gratitude throughout the process. 

Prioritize Transparency 

Transparency is crucial when informing a company about another job offer. Be honest and forthright about your intentions and the specific details of the other offer. Building trust through transparent communication is essential in such a situation. 

Keep Your Options Open 

It is important to keep your options open as you negotiate this delicate process. Don’t burn any bridges earlier than necessary because circumstances could shift. Until you have made a final decision, it’s advisable to maintain good relationships with all potential employers. 

Make a Timely Decision 

Once the company responds to your communication, it’s important to make a timely decision. If they offer improvements to their initial offer, consider these carefully and respond promptly. If they decide not to match the other offer, evaluate your options and make a decision within the timeframe provided by the other employer. This shows professionalism and respect for the company’s time and resources. 


Letting a company know that you have another job opportunity can be tricky, but it’s a necessary part of the job hunt when you find yourself in such a situation. Effective communication, strategy, respect, and professionalism are key to ensuring that both you and the employer can make informed decisions. Remember, the purpose is to communicate with complete transparency throughout the process and demonstrate best ethical practices without being viewed as an insubordinate employee. By following the procedures outlined in this article, you can negotiate this situation with integrity and ultimately make the best decision for your career. 

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