Common Christmas Tree Pests You Didn?t Know About

Christmas Tree

Although everyone prefers a nice freshly cut Christmas tree, the only downside to it is the possibly of pest infestations. As different kinds of pests live on or in trees, freshly cut ones tend to bring some with them. Christmas tree pests then make it into your property moving around in different places and causing full-out infestations. Christmas trees are responsible for many winter pests as well.

Many people actually don?t realize how pest harboring Christmas trees can be. The thing is, before they are used for Christmas decorations, they are just like any other trees in the wild. As many trees get grown locally and sold almost the same day as they are cut, pests don?t get a chance to leave them. Bee hives have also been reported in Christmas trees, they aren?t very common. Here are some that are:


Mites are not a threat to humans or animals per say. Although, they are still very annoying creatures that can cause premature needle dropping and also make a lot of smell. They are also notorious for making little red stains on your ornaments and carpets. 

Mites can multiply really quickly and when left unchecked can become a problem rather quickly. Mites also invite other pests like ants, spiders and more to your house as they are easy prey for them. These Christmas tree pests are almost invisible when inside the tree trunk or branches.

Also, some kinds of mites may travel just riding the Christmas tree and not actually living in it. These bugs are found in spruce trees, Douglas fir, white pines and Fraser fir. Avoiding mites is the best option to keep your house free from pest infestation of larger proportions.


Ants are pretty common tree pests. These are also very common Christmas tree pests as well. Ants will most likely move out of a Christmas tree when it is cut or moved around a lot. However, there is no telling your Christmas tree will not pick-up ants from where it sits before you buy it.

Different types of ants may ride a Christmas tree into your home. Any organics are probably ant food. Especially, during winter, they like to collect all the food they can. Once they are in your home, you?ll find them pretty hard to get rid of.

Of course, you will need professional pest control Vancouver service for ant infestation. Most cities of the world have local pest control services available. However, getting your tree wisely can stop these Christmas tree pests to enter your premises at least on the festive event.

Bark Beetles

Amassing a size close to that of a rice grain, bark beetles are pretty hardy bugs. You will these in red, black and brown colors and also inside trees of different kind. The worst thing is, you might not see any bark beetles in your house as well and yet they will exist in big numbers.

Bark beetles are Christmas tree pests that are known to leave little sawdust trails and small homes on the trunk. These are most commonly found in Junipers, white fir and Monterey pines. Usually, these beetles reside deep inside the layers of the tree where they are impossible to spot.

Like most insects, bark beetles multiply in numbers at brisk speeds. They will make holes in any woods around the house and create a lot of sawdust. Although not quite as deadly for wood as termites, these are still very much annoying and destructive.


What makes aphids most stealthy is their inactiveness and small sizes. Most people normally don?t see any aphids even when they are in their home. Aphids survive by feeding on certain types of plants. Houseplants are usually not on the menu however.

These Christmas tree pests are usually found on the lower boughs of your tree. Most commonly infested tree types include Spruce trees, Balsam fir and Evergreen. However, other tree types can also harbor aphids from where they can travel in any property.

Praying Mantises

Praying mantises are tiny creatures that can get to about the size of a walnut. These are very pesky annoying pests that are known to swarm Christmas trees in search of food. They are most often light tan in color and are found in high numbers on any tree. 

Praying mantises are easier Christmas tree pests to spot. Make sure to avoid any tree that has praying mantis infestation. They can cause much annoyance when in you home. You will find these pretty hard to get rid of completely as well.


Where there is wood, you can ever count out termites. Termites are probably some of the stealthiest yet destructive pests. They have the ability to completely demolish your property slowly and steadily when it made from wood. You will also almost never see them coming as well.

Look for raised small funnels or pathways on the trunk of your tree. These stealthy Christmas tree pests make it into your home and them jump on other forms of wood including floors, walls and furniture. You definitely don?t want a termite infestation for your property any time at all.

How to Keep Them Out

There are many commonly found Christmas tree pests that many people don?t know about. Usually, people just buy a tree and bring it home without worrying about much at all. You need to safeguard your property for these pesky pests. Here?s what you can do:

  • Make sure to pest spray your Christmas tree before it enters the property
  • Leave the tree outside after spraying for some time for all pests to move out of it
  • Inspect your Christmas tree thoroughly before buying and avoid ones with pests
  • Call an expert pest control Langley service or any local one if you find pests in the house

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