Top 4 Superpower of Super Apps and How to Create One?

Seamless digital experiences have become crucial in the era of mobile apps. There is an app for everything nowadays. Due to which the customers’ smartphones are overcrowded with a lot of apps. Customers have also started looking for something that can provide them with all things under a single roof. This is how the concept of the super app came into existence.

The term ‘Super app’ was first given by Mike Lazaridis, founder of Blackberry in 2010. Touted as a single ecosystem of multiple apps, super apps offer a seamless experience to its users.

That is why the majority of companies have started adopting this business model. You too can expand your business with a super app. For making a super app, you can take help of a dedicated software development team or you can outsource your app development to remote developers.

In this blog, we will discuss with you the super apps in detail and also show you how you can make one for your business.

Why are super apps so popular?

An on-demand super app offers you much more than a standalone taxi app. Even if you are still providing your services over with a single app, you can build a super app later on. Customers are not directly stating that they need a super app, but the shift in their tastes and preferences says it all. Here are the reasons why super apps are so popular in the global markets :

1.   Convenience

Ease of use plays a critical role in the acceptance of a mobile app or digital solution. Super apps have made it easy for customers to get all necessary services at a single place.

Allow your users to pay with multiple payment instruments such as credit cards, debit cards, digital wallets, etc. You need to add a payment gateway in your super app for accepting these payments.

2.  Saves phone memory

Super apps help users to save the memory of smartphones by providing multiple facilities over a single platform. Updates and addition of new features can increase the size of an app. This addition affects the phone storage adversely.

Super apps reduce the time to complete tasks for their users. It saves data and storage of a smartphone. This is the most important factor in providing better services to customers and increases their engagement for your product.

3.  Higher revenues

Super apps can help taxi businesses to generate higher revenues. It allows taxi businesses to earn fees and commissions. Also, they can avail the monetising opportunities and branding opportunities for growing their incomes.

Super apps allow you to explore new markets by offering services other than the taxi business. New segments such as grocery delivery, food delivery, parcel delivery, cargo delivery, fuel delivery, etc. can be explored for a better market reach. 

Now you do not have to worry about the high promotional costs. You can easily promote your services by using the functionalities of a super app. Super apps also offer advertising capabilities to taxi businesses. 

4.  Increased customer loyalty

A super app can help you create a loyal customer base for your business. You can provide loyalty points, cashback, into your super app.

You can also wish your customers on their birthdays and wedding anniversaries. Offer them some discount or cashback to your customers to make their day special. This will increase your personalisation. 

Things to keep in mind while making super app

If you want to get more clarity about super app development, then you can consult a software development team. It will guide you through the app development journey and help you to make a profitable super app for your business. Before you start with your super app development, you have to consider the following thing:

1.  Start from the base

The first step in the super app development is to focus on the basics. Many super apps have been launched as a single app but later on, they have converted into the super apps after they became popular.

You can also do the same with your on-demand super app. Initially, launch your app with minimal features and add additional features later on. This will benefit you in two ways: First, it will save your development cost and second it will help you to know more about customer preferences. 

2.  Have a supply-side economy

Take the example of Gojek. Gojek started its business operations by offering motorcycle taxis. After getting success in the transport sector, it started offering more services to its customers. Similarly, Uber and Grab has also utilised this model for providing additional services to its customers.

You can also consider starting with a specific business model and expanding it after a successful grip over the markets.

3.   Understand the markets

Market conditions play an essential role in the development of any business and the same applies to the app markets also. Super app model has become a successful model these days. As super apps will grow in the numbers, they will revolutionise every sector.

If you want to make a successful all-in-one app for your business, then you need to have an in-depth idea of on-demand delivery markets. Also, try to figure out the unexplored segment and try to provide your services in that segment. 

4.   Build strong partnerships

Cross-industry partnerships play an essential role in the success of on-demand super app solutions.Grab provides the best example of a strong business partnership.

Headquartered at Singapore, Grab has a successful presence in the ride-hailing markets of South East Asia. It has acquired Uber and Ubereats sub-divisions.

Grab has invested in Indonesia based payment platform OVO as a part of its business expansion.

Summing Up

Super apps have tasted great success in the markets. With the increase in the numbers of smartphone users, super apps will witness tremendous growth in the future.

However, you have to go a long way to capture the global market. Also, you need to consider the laws and regulations of various countries before you start providing your services.

I hope we have provided you with a clear idea about the super app. Feel free to connect with us if you still have any questions in your mind. Thanks for reading this blog.

Author – Bio

Mushahid Khatri is a Chief Executive Officer of Yelowsoft which is one of the leading multiple businesses with super app. He believes in sharing his strong knowledge base with leaned concentration on entrepreneurship and business.

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